Time for levity

Perhaps you saw it over the weekend, where UCLA researchers claimed to discover the largest prime number, something that is 13 million digits long.
Then, I was on campus Monday, and saw a sign for discounts in the student store based on the football game. Yes, a sign similar to the one I posted last week on the blog.
The deal is for two touchdowns, folks get 10 percent off on the Monday following a game. Three touchdowns, and folks gets 15 percent off, and it goes up to 25 percent off for five touchdowns.
Well, two of the signs I saw (didn’t take a picture this time) posted the savings for the weekend’s game was 20 percent.
Now, I wasn’t a math major, but UCLA scored 31 points, which included three field goals and a two-point conversion for returning a blocked extra point. So, by my math, and from watching the game, UCLA scored three touchdowns …worth 20 percent?

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  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    haha obviously whoever set the discount just assumed it was 4 tds and a field goal. irresponsible, but pretty hilarious (and good for people like me who would use these discounts)

  • VB

    pfffff… Isn’t Dorrell the manager of the student store now? That explains it.

  • Anonymous

    When did they move football practice to the student store?

  • HomeBru

    I was a math major (which is about as relevant to this conversation as the prime number discovery) but I say we deserve the extra 5% for scoring 31 points in such an unlikely way.

  • mike

    i think the 2 point block pat is considered a touchdown.

    SECTION 1. Value of Scores
    Scoring Plays
    ARTICLE 1. The point value of scoring plays shall be:
    Touchdown 6 Points
    Field Goal 3 Points
    Safety (points awarded to opponent) 2 Points
    Successful Try:
    Touchdown 2 Points
    Field Goal or Safety 1 Pointn

  • mike

    It has been over 2 years since we have gotten the max (25%) discount. Most of the time it has bee 10% or less. That is sad. Not since Marcedes Lewis, Maurice Drew and Drew Olsen. Will this be the week we get to make the trip? Please…

  • orlando

    Obviously the person in charge didn’t watch the game… and then saw the score. They thought:
    31 = 28 (4 touch downs) + 3 (field goal)
    therefore 4 TD’s = 20%

    Relax… after the previous game, he/she probably didn’t want to watch it because he/she thought it would be too painful.

    You must hate being the guy for UCLA sports for you to report something this trivial. I take back the my comments about you being balanced and objective.

  • bz


    That looks pretty legit.. did you actually cut and paste that from the rules book?

    and….. wtf… a safty on a point after attempt? Ha.. I wonder how often that happens?

  • TruBruin


    Have you read any of the other AP reports on the economy being in the Tank? Most of the gear at the Student store could be found at other retailers for at least 25% less. If we dont find our way out of the tank the rest of the year I can just about guarentee
    a 25% discount for a sucessful punt.

  • HomeBru

    Good call on the missed extra point runback being considered a touchdown in the rulebook. That being the case, if we go for 2 after a touchdown and make it, shouldn’t that be considered a touchdown and add 5% to the discount?

  • ucla84


    Surely you understand that, in Ackerman Union, the illegitimate and clearly biased call on Terrence Austin’s opening kickoff return cannot be recognized. Consequently, we scored four touchdowns on Saturday (and won the game, we might add).

  • Anonymous

    Look out 60 minutes. Here comes Brian Dohn – crack investigative student store reporter.

  • Anonymous

    Why complain when they try to give more discount. They said 31 points is like a 4 touchdown discount.