A violation?…

A night owl bonus for those still awake on a Friday night. I wrote something for Saturday’s paper about USC possibly committing an NCAA violation when coach Pete Carroll saw a high school team twice this season. I talked to a Pac-10 official, who said what took place would be considered a violation.
How does this fit into UCLA? Well, the Bruins and Trojans have each offered this player a scholarship.

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  • VB

    You should have known, if anyone was gonna be awake to read your post, it was gonna be VB. Go get some sleep, Dohn! You work too hard.

    Well Bruins, I’m turning in. I’ll be in Lot H in approximately 7 hours. GO BRUINS!

  • VB

    One more thing: The stupid Angels are starting to look like the Bruins!!!! WHY CAN’T THEY EVER BEAT BOSTON???????!!!!!!!!!!

    Why can’t any of my teams ever win the big game???

  • Anonymous

    brian, are u the one breaking this story? is so, niiiiiiiice lol =)

  • Anonymous

    speaking of violations, OJ SIMPSON was just found GUILTY on all counts … *sigh* no comment….

  • Brian Dohn

    Yes, I believe nobody else will have this story.

  • Anonymous

    OJ can get life? wow. AND OJ JUDGED AS GUILTY TODAY, THIS DAY IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE DAY HE WAS ACQUITTED FOR MURDER!!! WOW!! divine justice, karma, reaping what u sow, its all there

  • gubon13

    RE: OJ

    Well, at least one Trojan is being properly prosecuted these days.

    Hey, wasn’t there that one running back / receiver at USC that everyone in the world knew took money, including a bunch of the USC staff? What was his name? Oh, right.

    Seriously – that’s a question I want answered. WHY hasn’t USC been hit with NCAA violations yet? WHY????? I don’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    brian dohn is seriously da man, we’re so blessed to have him covering ucla

  • tom962

    Brian – First of all, great work. Second of all, it’s extremely telling that you reported this, and not Scott Wolf, the Daily News beat reporter for USC who is also a graduate of USC. Scott has yet to have any original reporting on any negative story pertaining to USC athletics – including the OJ Mayo scandal and the Reggie Bush scandal. Scott Wolf is an absolute disgrace to journalism.

  • Noel

    Scott Wolf came out with this story about two days ago.

  • tom962

    My bad. I just saw Wolf’s story on the regular portion of the website. I originally just looked at his blog, and all I could find there were photos of Oregon cheerleaders.

  • Brian Dohn


    The story earlier in the week quoted Pete Carroll saying he didn’t think it was a violation. The update I wrote quotes a Pac-10 official saying it is a violation.

  • tom962

    Interesting twist to the story, I’d say. I wonder if Wolf bothered contacting the Pac-10. Brian – I look forward to your continuing coverage of this. Now get some sleep!!

  • VD

    Wolf also reported on the Ting brothers juicing up on Steroids–right after they announced they were quitting school to go to Medical School (even though they were sociology majors).

    Wolf also reported on LazyDale White’s alleged failed drug test a day before the NFL draft.

    That said, there are so many issues at USC, its easy to dig up dirt over there. Unless a reporter wants to be like Fox News interviewing Sarah Palin. A total farce.

  • Anonymous


    Does this mean USC won’t be able to offer the player because of the violation?

  • STD


    Wolf calls Bush dirty, Leinart conceited, Carroll “Caesar” and the Song Girls ugly. I’d think you would have a man-crush on him already.

  • Anonymous

    its time to start bringing that evil empire down. its not natural to for a team to have that much talent (and still lose lol). theyre so deep, something stinks fishy. heck i would luv to have their millionth-string running back marc tyler….

  • tom962

    Well to me, the song girl stuff is irrelevant to their program, and the Caesar comment only tells me he finds Carroll larger than life. As for Bush and Leinart, it’s easy to call guys out after they’ve left the program. What matters most to me, though, is that he’s as close to the program as any reporter, and yet he failed to uncover the Bush and Mayo stories – the two biggest scandals in the last couple of years. And now it’s Dohn who gets the “violation” comment from the Pac-10 official. It looks more than suspicious when he’s an SC grad.

  • cliq

    as if any punishment would really happen…

  • Jake

    Agree… This is a nothing story. U$C always does stuff like this and always gets away with it. By, the way, seriously, what ever happened with the OJ Mayo thing? I haven’t heard anything further regarding this.


    Carroll said he did not commit a violation, so I would be interested in his explanation before passing judgment, although ignorance of the recruiting restriction would not exonerate him. Still, even if Carroll was wrong, in the grand scheme of things it strikes me as a minor infraction.

    And I see the bruins still derive great pleasure from SC’s NCAA troubles. It actually is a back-handed compliment to SC that ucla people spend so much time and energy concerning themselves with the Trojans.

    Just sayin

  • Anonymous

    “And I see the bruins still derive great pleasure from SC’s NCAA troubles. It actually is a back-handed compliment to SC that ucla people spend so much time and energy concerning themselves with the Trojans.

    Just sayin ”

    Says the Trojan who concerns him/herself with the Bruin blog.


    But only in a derivative way, not derisive like so many here.

    Besides, “Keep your friends near, and your enemies nearer.”

  • uscfd

    According to your own blog, ucla wants to be USC. Not only is that blatantly obvious, but nobody EVER claimed USC wants to be ucla – in anything.


    And since you can’t bring yourselves up, you are obsessed with someone – anyone – bringing SC down.

  • Blind Eye of the Wooden Era

    As far as the speed of the NCAA disciplinary committee, think of it this way:

    The extensive violations that the Bruins athletic department pilled up in the 60’s and 70’s were allowed to slide until 1981 when the “Caesar” who ran the “Evil Empire” of the time was five years removed. And considering no championships were taken back the program pretty much got a slap on the wrist for lesser crimes.

    Do you really expect any different today?

  • tom962

    I agree that “nobody has ever claimed that USC wants to be UCLA – in anything.” And that includes academics. Just look at our latest basketball recruit, Anthony Stover, whose mother said his decision was based on “an opportunity to go to an amazing academic university” (LA Times). The University of South Central, on the other hand, has offered Renardo Sidney, one of the best big men in the country, who only has one other offer because he will be unable to meet even the NCAA minimum academic requirements. The TrOJans even recruited a football player for next year who was recently convicted of armed robbery. And now the OJ conviction…. Fight on, man.


    Oooh, ‘Blind Eye,’ I am glad you said it and not I.

    Of course that was a different era then, no computers, no internet, no blogs. Heck, John Kennedy was able to get away with infidelity in the White House. Now news spreads at the speed of a keyboard.

    But this does address one of my biggest issues with people, and that is their hypocrisy. When speaking of transgressions, does SC’s involvement with O.J. Simpson 40 years ago or Bush’s personal improprieties rival the ucla handicap placard fiasco?

    Trojans’ and bruins’ differences are like two monkeys laughing at each other for the other being so stupid.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re going to compare the fradulent use of handicap parking placards to robbing at knifepoint (Simmons), double murder (OJ), or paying athletes (Bush and Mayo), then we can’t have a rational debate here.

  • Anonymous

    1. The recruit Maurice Simmons got into trouble after receiving his offer and it has since been pulled.

    2. OJ Simpson was found guilty of a crime 40 years after leaving the program. I’m pretty sure the NCAA isn’t going to penalize the school for his crimes.

    3. Unless you’re willing to disavow the corruption that was the John Wooden years, it’s a bit hypocritical to knock USC for looking the other way when Bush and Mayo (most likely) got agents.

    All the Bruins, Trojans, Blue Devils, Runnin’ Rebels and everyone else with a successful basketball or football program out there should remember that they’re standing in glass houses.

  • Mario DiLeo

    Regarding OJ “Trojan for life” Simpson…who cares if he left $C in 1969, like Orenthal said himself he is a Trojan for life…now a Trojan gets life (well maybe 15 years). HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Sam Gilbert

    I thought it was Ken Norton Jr. who said “you’re a Bruin for four years but a Trojan for life”