Answers, Part XIV

Here is the 14th set of answers:

Can’t teams use the perceived likelihood that PC will go back to the NFL against
USC in the same way that teams allegedly use DW becoming a head coach against UCLA? Does this kind of talk impact the recruiting process to any significant degree?
Schools can use it, but Carroll has two things working in his favor. First, he can simple point to history and say he is staying because there has always been talk of him leaving, yet he is still at USC. Second, part of being a great recruiter is being persuasive, so Carroll can simply talk his way into making a recruit believe him.

Why doesn’t UCLA/Ben Howland do a midnight madness for the first practice of
the season like some other schools do. It seems like it would be a cool event.
I asked that question before, and in the past he told me he wasn’t willing to sacrifice a practice session to do something like that. Howland isn’t into the spectacle thing, and would rather use that day to hold a regular practice and not have his players distracted.

Why is it that Brett Lockett has been continuously called out as a “SENIOR
WHO IS NOT MAKING PLAYS”, and Walker continuously acknowledges these mistakes and promises changes but consistentantly allows Lockett to blow coverage on the tight end? Is there no one else that could potentially play this position?
You answered your own question. If there was someone else to fill in for Lockett, that person would be playing.

If Neuheisel wanted to attend every Loyola game to watch his son play, would the NCAA prohibit it because UCLA has offered Anthony Barr?
No, because a coach can go watch his son at any time. It is why Neuheisel was able to go to a quarterback camp in the summer and watch Josh Nunez and Richard Brehaut. But, correct me if I’m wrong, USC assistant Nick Holt has a son at Loyola, so he can go at any time to watch Loyola play.

It is my understanding that scholarships are renewed on a yearly basis. And with the lack of talent in the program is RN thinking about not renewing some scholarships to bring in more talent?
I’m sure he is, but it will be done in a different manner. Rather than say a scholarship isn’t renewed, someone will simply transfer, or take a medical retirement, or say they no longer wanted to play football.

What’s up with Lockett? He continues to struggle in the secondary. Why doesn’t
Walker try Love at SS? Don’t hear much about him anymore.
Lockett is what he is. I never thought he was a great cover guy, and he is not. He is there to stop the run, and does an adequate job of it. Now, if Love, or anyone else, were performing well in practice, I think Walker’s track record shows a change would be made. In other words, UCLA doesn’t have anybody else.

In your opinion who do you think will be the best running back out of the 4 freshman? Seems like Coleman is the early favorite but does Dean or maybe even Knox get better once they get more acclimated to the college game?
Aundre Dean, if he stays healthy, remains at UCLA and works hard. He just has special qualities that cannot be taught.

Has Neuheisel given thought of snagging someone from the soccer team to see if they could hit the ball out of the endzone?
Well, since soccer is going on right now, that is unlikely. Plus, if a kid is on a soccer scholarship and moves to football, he would have to be on a football scholarship, and UCLA isn’t about to carry four kickers (including punters) on scholarship.

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  • Anonymous

    I would have to disagree… depth chart shows there is a #2 guy behind Lockett…play the redshirt freshman. I have yet to see a 22 man team win a BCS championship. Anytime a coaching staff sends a message to their players that no matter what they do they will continue to play they are taking away the element of competition, which makes for a successful football team. Leaving this senior and any other player in the game that doesn’t make plays is crazy! Substitutions build teams; look at Craft, granted this is his first year but it is imperative that there is ALWAYS A NUMBER 2. However what happens to a team if they refuse to sub at positions? UCLA has shown…THEY LOSE. The number two guy is not in the rotation, in too many positions (especially the DB’s). I believe the coaches are setting the team up for a LONG SEASON OF DEFEAT.

  • CrouchingBruin

    Yes, there is a guy at the #2 slot, but unless you’re there at every practice, you have to trust the judgement of the coaches. Do you actually think the coaches wouldn’t try putting someone in that they felt could contribute? It would be an even bigger mistake to put a player in with much lesser ability and have their confidence shaken when they start getting burned. Brian has been to most, if not all practices, and he’s alluded to the dearth of talent at certain positions.