Neuheisel quick hitters

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel met with the media today, and an early topic was his not-so-pleasant relationship with the Oregon fans, dating back to when he faked a punt against the Ducks while at Colorado and the Buffs ahead 32-6.
“I anticipate (a rough welcoming) because we’ve been type cast in our roles, and I’ve got the black hat,” said Neuheisel, adding he “may be disappointed” if such wasn’t the case.
Neuheisel also revealed defensive back Tony Dye, who took over the nickel coverage against Washington State, will undergo wrist surgery after the season to repair a break, and have a pin inserted. He did not immediately know which wrist.
As far as other injuries, Neuheisel said receiver Marcus Everett (toe) and offensive lineman Micah Reed (knee) could play against the Ducks.
Also, linebacker Josh Edwards (foot) and running back Raymond Carter (groin) are questionable for Oregon.

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  • BruinGuy


    You may be too young to remember how Digger Phelps acted when he came to Pauley Pavilion for his annual meeting with the Bruins. UCLA’s rivalry with Notre Dame was nearly, if not more, intense than it’s rivalry with USC in football. Certainly the rivalry with ND was our greatest in basketball in the early ’70s.

    Anyway, Digger always made the rivalry about him and not his players. He made it a point to come out onto the court and taunt the fans (a lot more students showed up those days in Pauley) about 5 minutes before his team came out.

    Asked after he retired from ND why he did this he said that he wanted to have the focus on himself and not his players to take the pressure off the players.


    If you wear your school colors to an Oregon game at Eugene forget about having any “relationship” with Ducks’ fans. These people are bona fide dangerous, especially the students when they have been drinking, which I would say over half are drunk at the game (mostly males).

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I, too, remember Digger Phelps appearances at Pauley Pavilion. I always thought of him as a class act. My brother and I attended UCLA at the same time and we often reminisce about one particular game . . . . As “Pauley Pavilion Overnighters,” we would camp out all night to hold our place in line and then run to secure the best seats in the student section once the doors opened. On one ND visit, it was bitter cold and Digger came up to greet the students the night before tha game as we were huddled together. He invited us in to Pauley to watch the remainder of ND’s practice, joked and interacted with the UCLA students, and called Pauley the “Yankee Stadium of College Basketball” as he pointed to the banners hung from the rafters. After practice, we went back out into the cold and spent the remainder of the night on the cold concrete steps.

  • E3

    ONLYTHETRUTH is spot-on about the fans at Autzen. Completely out of control and scary hostile. Ruined the game for my wife and me even though the Bruins won (2004 with Markey going nuts, I think??)

  • BruinGuy


    Yes, I slept over at PP once, and only once. It was then I noticed that the group of students that controlled the line, and got reserved seating in the middle of the student section, didn’t have to sleep overnight. The next day I joined them and never slept overnight again. As an added benefit I watched games from that reserved section that they had in the student section for several years after I graduated.

    Got to sit next to Dick Enberg and later Al Michaels as they did their TV and radio play by play.

  • DuckThis

    Autzen welcomes NEW-WEASEL

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Well, BruinGuy, I don’t know about “controlling the line” . . . I graduated in 1979, and at that time, you could stake your place in line and there was an unwritten rule that you could then leave, eat, etc., and return to the same location. Also, during my time, “Rally Committee” would arrive at some unannounced time in the morning to hand out “priority numbers” based upon your place in line. Each game, the “priority numbers” had a different animal on the ticket (lest anyone would cheat!) I still have a “poodle” priority ticket from the 70’s. It hangs framed with a bunch of 70’s ticket stubs in my office. Now, the UCLA students saunter into Pauley Pavilion in dribs and drabs. We used to fly down the stairs at breakneck speed to get mid-court bleacher seats (3rd row was my favorite). I recall one game, I slipped into an open door at Pauley and hid in a stall in the John until I heard the hron blow (signifying the doors were open and the stampede began! I then ‘sauntered’ out of the John and took my seat in the 3rd row center court, to the amazement of my group thinking I had missed the entrance! Oh, the good ol’ days!


    I completely disagree with the idea that Autzen is out of control and dangerous for opposing fans any more than any Pac-10 stadium. There are bad apples at every sporting venue. Autzen just gets a bad reputation because it is LOUD.

    As a person that has been at every Pac-10 stadium in my Green and Yellow, I’d have to say that 99% of fans everywhere are somewhere between hospitable and willing to have a good natured back and forth about the merits of each program. That 1% gives a bad name and I can honestly say that I have seen them at every stadium. I felt more heat at a OSU and UW than at a UA or Stanford, but I have heard the worst things coming out of the mouths of every team’s fans (not just the student sections either). I even had a beer poured on me at consecutive Civil War games for positively cheering on my team … and I am a positive fan.

    Take a look at your fans there in Westwood and you’ll see a few that don’t have halos floating above thier heads.

    If you are visiting Eugene, I hope you have a great time and don’t bump into many bad apples.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Last year there was a player who’s father, a firefighter was in the middle of the Santiago and Modjeska Canyon fires when he traveled up to Autzen. The Oregon student section started chanting that they hoped he dies.

  • Fro

    Sam, that is a bad rumor I have heard before. The UO Students have done some bad things but that it is not one of them. My season tickets are right next to the students and that chant did not happen.

  • HomeBru

    DUCKMAN, we remember UCLA basketball @ Oregon last year. Unless you can prove that none of your basketball fans attend football games, we’re all going to think you’re full of it.

    On another note, my completely unbiased self “completely disagrees” with any person who doesn’t think UCLA is the greatest school in the history of the world.

  • VB

    I completely disagree. UCLA is the greatest school in the history of the UNIVERSE.

  • Former 111 OC Bruin

    I agree with VB.

    And Eugene does have the worst fans of all time. No other school dumps urine and dog feces on opposing teams. I watched it happen. Seriously, who does that? Well, a bunch of no class hacks who couldn’t get into a California school… that’s who.

  • Sam Gilbert

    I really hope you’re right.


    DUCKMAN is pretty cool and tries to give a balanced report, but he is blind to his bretherns’ behavior. I have talked to Oregon State fans in Corvallis about Eugene fans, and they have said that they are a different breed, an egotistical and dangerous breed.

  • lars

    Isn’t UCLA the school that has so many gang bangers attending the games? Talk about feeling scared to enter a stadium. You may get yelled at in Eugene, but in LA you could get shot. I wish we could dump crap and piss on the opposing fans, but the truth is, that’s impossible in any stadium and only retards imply it happens. Relax people and focus on how skippy the weasel has screwed over every school he has coached at. You will get yours UCLA fans. Just wait.

  • Anonymous

    I think you are mistaking UCLA with the other LA school. The University of South Central LA…

  • Dave

    I’ve been to every game at Autzen for the last 10 years. I have never seen this urine/feces thing. You guy want to make up anything else?

  • Former 111 OC Bruin

    I was on the team in 2004 when we played in Eugene (which we won 34-26, by the way) and the dirt bag Duck fans did (or tried to) dump urine and dog crap on us. Those stupid zitty face pukes were lucky we weren’t able to pull them out of the stands.

    Again, those that go to Oregon couldn’t get into school here in California. Period.

  • Brian Dohn

    Former 111 OC BRUIN,

    If that is the case, email me with a number I can get you at. I was at that game, so I’m thinking I know you. But I didn’t know about it, so email me at, and hopefully we can hook up and I can do something more on this.
    After the display of the Oregon basketball fans last season, I find this charge very interesting, and it would be worth a story.

  • VB

    Former 111 OC Bruin…….. Karl? Waddup dude! How’s Miami?

  • R. Williams

    It’s really quite amusing being a 25 year season ticket holder at the god awful Autzen stadium and having been through some very poor seasons how when you become successful and all of the conference doormats (as we have been in the past)want to rip the local fans to shreds. Hmmm! Seems like there is a message there. Get ready Bruins your about to get what we got in the Coliseum last Saturday.

    GO DUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VB

    That may be. But at the end of the day, we still reside in sunny California with great weather, hot chicks and abundant entertainment while you are stuck in Autzen, Oregon. The armpit of the Nortwest.

  • Anonymous

    This is from the Daily Emerald:
    “Zoumboukos, who is a former assistant coach on the football team, said the situation with fans at Autzen Stadium is something the football coaches have been concerned about for a long time. He then told an anecdote about how fans’ behavior at games have cost Oregon recruits in the past, particularly because the recruits’ parents were so taken aback by the abhorrent display of people in the crowd.”

    Conference doormats ripping local fans? Why would anyone need to do that when your own newspaper is doing it to yourself?


    Just a final word on this subject, my commentary and I believe most of the thoughts of the other posters are limited to the people who attend Autzen Stadium. Eugene is a small but wonderful college town, and it is only 50 miles to the beach where the coastline is only second to the Big Sur coast. And this time of year the autumn is breathtaking. And I have always found the Oregon ladies to be stunning, certainly their cheerleaders have a fine reputation.

    But much as when some people get behind a wheel to drive rudely because they are secure in their anonymity, the good people of Oregon take on a mob mentality, an anything goes state of mind, when walking into that stadium.

    And passion is great. Oregon State, Auburn, Notre Dame, Nebraska all had rabid fans that make L.A.’s look as if they are at the opera. And yet those fans still allowed me space to root for my team. But do it at Autzen at your own personal risk.

  • Zippy

    R. Williams – what is this amazing success you speak of?? UO barely had a winning percentage against UCLA under its worst coach ever, and in the last 10 years have 1 conference title and have been to 1 BCS bowl – funny, those are the same numbers as UCLA I believe…

    And IIRC, you got shutout last year by said “doormat” – and spare me your D. Dixon sob story as that was one of UCLA’s worst and most injured teams in the last 30 years.

    In short, save your delusions of grandeur for your matchup w/OSU…

  • N LA

    VB, I have lived in both So Cal and Eugene Oregon. Yes So Cal is normally Hot but sunny how could you tell smog in the sky, warnings about unhealthy air, warnings about polluted beaches and water, trash on ever street corner, free range homeless on every bus stop bench, and grid locked traffic everyday including weekends. Wow that something to be proud of. You must be some spoiled little rich kid born with a gold spoon in your mouth. You talk about entertainment what is their to do in So Cal you can’t do in Oregon be sides watch cars flip over on the freeway or witness and couple drive byes or a car jacking. Plus talk about stadiums USCs campus and stadium is right in the middle of the ghetto and the Rose Bowl isnt exactly in Beverly Hills not to mention the 1hr drive to the Rose Bowl from Westwood. Plus with as much money as UCLA claims to have your campus and surrounding areas isnt a spectacular destination. As for incidents at Autzen, I worked for the Oregon Athletic department for 10 years before working in Westwood and there WERE NEVER ANY REPORTS or SUBSTANCIATED FACTS of these events happing. Yes there are drunk idiots in Oregon as in California and the rest of the nation. As for the Basketball incident I was at that game and Kevin Loves Brother and Father Started, Encouraged, and Continued the incident with the Pit Crew. Yes the Pit Crew shouldnt have went as far as they took it but it would not have gotten that far had the Love family just sat their and cheered their son and team on. As bad as you all CLAIM Oregon fans are living here in So Cal and watching UCLA and USC fans you only have to look at your selves for examples of what HORRIFIC FAN BEHAVIOR.

    So the bottom line is if you going to Autzen, the Rose Bowl, the Coliseum I as was last weekend, realize you are not HOME, so respectfully cheer for your team and your players win or lose with grace and you should be fine and as I have seen in all 3 stadiums if you are being respectful even if the drunk retarded fan gets on you the home fans usually will stick up for you! But be an (deleted) and you bring on your own bad experience.

  • Zippy

    I love comments like N LA’s – hyperbole aside, what do you think helped bring those elements to SoCal?? Tourists and round-trip residents like yourself who over the last 50 years come and go as you please w/o any regard for the area while you’re here.

    Glad you left and are happy where you are…tell a friend!

  • Anonymous

    N LA,

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but did you just use the “She was asking for it” defense? Doesn’t exactly help your cause you know.

  • At least we have fans that know the game

    Hey Brian,
    Do you call yourself a fan or a journalist? That was a sarcastic question. Hey why don’t you run with that phony dog poop lead. What a hack.

  • Dohn supporter

    Looks like Dohn isn’t the only one writing about the little ducklings’ high class outhouse antics.