The Daily News reported last week about USC coach Pete Carroll attending multiple games of Loyola High, first with Carroll’s explanation and then with the Pac-10’s interpretation of the rule as programs jostle to get in early with the recruitment of Loyola junior running Anthony Barr.
UCLA is one of the schools to already offer Barr a scholarship.
Now, sources said the compliance departments of several Pac-10 schools turned in complaints to the conference about Carroll attending two of Barr’s games.

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  • gubon13

    Nice work on this, Brian (and all the rest at Daily News).

    Assuming the PAC-10 truly acknowledges this is a violation – what are the possible repercussions?

  • Anonymous

    Well you have to figure that ESPN gift wrapped all the information about the OJ Mayo SCandal and nothing has been done. No offense Pac-10 conference or NCAA but us Bruins have NO FAITH that they make SUC play by the rules.

    I wonder if their lack of action has anything to do with not wanting to jeopardize a big school and the TV revenue that’s associated with it.

  • mindshed

    Although I don’t mind when sc does itself a disfavor, I wonder how often coaches ignore this rule and don’t get called out. Sometimes they might even be in the situation Pete is claiming to be in, that he was there to recruit someone on the other team. Is that a legitimate excuse, or does the rule demand that you find a different game?

  • VB

    Pete Carroll sucks. So do the Angels! Freaking Erik Aybar and Howie Kendrick need to be stranded in Beantown! Freakin’ choke artists. I’m a Doyer fan now. lol.

    Oh well, there’s always mid-football season. And basketball season.

    36 days until tipoff!!!!!!!!!

  • MaltBaa

    i need a fix brian. Night owl special?

  • Anonymous

    I fail to believe how a seasoned coach like Petey, who’s as savvy as people give him credit for, could NOT know about recruiting rules, hundreds of thousands in perks for a star player like Reggie Bush, etc.

    SUC fans want it both ways: we have the “best” coach in the business…he knows not what he does? This does not compute.


    UGLA and SUC both have a history of questionable tactics.

    Or do we all here only see one side?

  • cv1

    So Brain this sounds like a meaningless secondary violation, right?

  • Ben

    Petie would NEVER break the rules!

  • Not a fan of TMZ reporting.

    I’ve always thought Brian Dohn ran a respectable blog, he’s always stayed above the catty reporting of Scott Wolf. True or not, negative posts just pander to the lowest form of fan.

    Airing dirty laundry about rival schools is beneath you Mr. Dohn.

    I honestly hope you don’t take your blog down that road, it would be a true shame to ruin it and your reputation.

  • I sense the trolls

    A few trolls have gotten in here I see…and they’re not really good at it either.

  • northbaybruin

    Pete’s Mystery

    Pete, What is this drivel you’ve been crapping?
    For one team you’re scouting and the other just napping.
    Buy this! Its not your hand the NCAA will be slapping.
    It’s just the sound of one hand clapping.

  • Anonymous

    we all know Pete Carroll has use paid players (Bush), had other players received illegal benefits (Jarrett), all without any NCAA punishment. He won’t be punished for this either. The NCAA doesn’t require compliance from the high profile programs, only the lower ones.

  • Lloyd Lake

    Pete Carroll is above the law. All that matters is winning games. When will you guys learn?

  • KF

    I was at the Loyola – Concord de La Salle game and Pete was on Loola’s sideline talking with former Loyola coach Steve Grady (SC Alum) the whole time but I’m sure they were just talking about the Concord kids but he didn’t have to pump his fist when Barr was running over them.

  • PLH55

    Guess what? Ben Howland does the same thing. Why do you think nearly the whole Campbell Hall basketball team is on the UCLA recruiting watch list? So Ben could go out and watch Jrue Holiday more than the normal allotment! I’ll make you a deal…We’ll let you have Barr, but make Jrue transfer to SC. Something tells me that is not going to happen.

    Carroll followed the NCAA rule, so give it a rest.

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering if the rules are the same for basketball. I went to high school with Derrick and Errick Craven (former SUC bball players) and I used to see Bibby at pretty much every home game. Plus he would just be walking around on campus randomly in the middle of the day sometimes.

  • cv1

    The rules have changed quite a bit over the last few years. Like trying to compare this to the 50 plus recruiting violations that Rick got is a waste of time.