Answers, Part XX

As we march toward a record number of Q&A segments, here is the 20th set:

Can you ask the atheletic dept to paint the endzones blue and have UCLA and Bruins in gold?
No, but you can. Email them and suggest it. But it’s UCLA, and they do not take to suggestions of change very well, so beware.

Based on the first seven games last season and the tenacity with which he carries himself day-to-day, do you think that, when healthy, Kahlil Bell is an NFL-level talent at running back?
I think he can play in the NFL, but I do not know to what level. I know offensive coordinator Norm Chow said a few times in training camp he thought Bell was an NFL caliber running back.

Based on the participation chart, there are a few walk-ons on the special teams. What is the most important skill as a special teams player(i.e. speed, tackling, knowledge of assignments)? Why isn’t Osaar Rasshan on the special teams?
There are various roles for special teams players, but the two most important things are being fearless and being willing to always go 100 percent, and not lollygag. Rasshan is a quarterback, and they don’t play special teams very often. I’m quite certain Rasshan isn’t a skilled tackler at this point of his career and I don’t see him returning kicks.

If you had to guess (and you do) how long do think Palcic will stay at UCLA?
At least three years. He has a house in SoCal and loves the area.

Do you think it was a mistake to play 3 true freshman receivers?
Yes. I would have played Taylor Embree and either Nelson Rosario or Antwon Moutra, but not both.

If at the end of the year Jrue holiday was a lock for the top 5 in the draft what percentage would you put on him going pro?
99.9 percent

What are the top 5 most likely DT recruits to make official visits?
I don’t know. But when the visits are set, I will do my best to write about them.

Do you ever regret doing a weekly Q & A for lunatic fans?
No, but I do regret answering every question sometimes, especially when I get the hypotheticals and guess-work of the next commit, the record in 2013, which left-handed player with trimmed finger nails will visit next and so on.

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