Answers, Part VII

Here is the seventh set:

Do you think next year’s offensive line will be “average” when compared to the rest of the Pac-10, considering the experience the young guys are getting, plus adding maiava & potentially sheller. IE, do you think they’ll still be a weak link in the offense?
I don’t know what the rest of the Pac-10 will look like next year because of graduation, and frankly, I don’t have the energy in the middle of football season to wonder how the o-line will compare to the rest of the Pac-10 next season. However, I will say I expect the offensive line to be markedly better next season if Sheller and Maiava both play, especially when mixing in the experience of this season.

Do you think Dan Guerrero’s job is on the line if the hiring of CRN doesn’t go well in the next 4-5 years?
I have thought about that myself, and don’t have a definitive answer. But my instinct tells me as long as men’s basketball continues to play well and titles are won in Olympic sports, Guerrero will be fine.

Ramirez to safety next year with the depth at RB?
I doubt it. UCLA will have some decent depth at safety as well.

Halfway through the football season, do you sense most of the coaches will stick around for the 2009 season?
I think most will back at this point.

Who has been the most pleasant surprise on this year’s team?
Tight end Ryan Moya. I always thought he had talent, but to come back and play the way he is after missing a year, especially with Logan Paulsen out, is a big boost.

Who has been the biggest underachiever thus far?
Safety Bret Lockett, mostly because I expected much more from him.

Why has Craft been so reluctant to take shots down the field?
It’s a combination of no receivers having speed to get deep, safeties playing deeper because they don’t need to creep up to help in run support, Craft’s lack of arm strength and his unwillingness to take a chance with a deep throw because it may result in a turnover.

What is your assessment of RN’s recruiting efforts thus far? On track, ahead of schedule, or lagging?
Lagging, mostly because he is still adjusting to offering players before their senior season rather than during and after their season senior. Times changed since he was last a college head coach.

When the football team plays an away game , do you fly with them ? Do you stay in the same hotel ? If you do or don’t is this by choice or design ?
I do not fly with them. I fly commercially and they charter. Sometimes I stay in the team hotel and sometimes I do not. And where I stay is by choice, but has nothing to do with whether UCLA is staying at that hotel.

UCLA will have to go 4-2 in its next 6 games to equal the worst season by Coach Dorrell. First, do you think the team can do it?
Nope. Not at all. That means losing only two games against USC, at Cal, at Arizona State and home against Oregon State. And that doesn’t take into account being a home underdog to Stanford this week. And with Neuheisel returning to Washington in what should be a crazy atmosphere, I don’t even think that is a gimme, even with how bad the Huskies are.

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