Getting to know …

I planned on doing the light-hitting Q&A with receiver Nelson Rosario, until he left practice early with a sprained ankle and did not come back. Therefore, this week’s subject is freshman tight end Cory Harkey

1.Facebook or my space?
My space
2. Favorite tunes before a game?
Rap. Fort Minor.
3. Favorite place to eat on campus or in Westwood?
In-n-Out. Double-Double.
4. What professional football player to you liken yourself to?
Jeremy Shockey.
5. Favorite class at UCLA?
Art and architecture.
6. Worst Halloween costume you’ve worn?
7. At the goalline, fade or slant?
I’m going to have to go with fade.
8. Sarah Palin. Hot or not?
I’m going to go with not.
9. What’s your nickname?
Back at high school they call me “Franchise.”
10. Basketball or football?
I’m going to go with football.

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