Answers, Part II

Here is the second set of answers:

Based on this year’s success, is there any chance UCLA can do better than 7-5 next year?
This year’s success? So, this year is a success? Oh, well, onto the question. As I sit here now, on Halloween and with four games remaining in the 2008 season, I expect UCLA to be markedly better next season because of experience, better strength and more of an understanding of what this coaching staff wants. Also, a much easier schedule, with home non-conference games against San Diego State and Kansas State and many of the projected tougher conference games at home, I think UCLA can win eight games next season.

do you see any of these recruits saying yes to howland? snear, moser, or hill? which player is a better fit to howlands basketball ways?
Right now, I do not. I think some things would have to change in each case. I think Moser would be the best fit because of his attitude.

Assume you’re the AD somewhere (Rutgers?). You need to hire a football coach and the pool of candidates is the current pac-10 coaches. If money is no object, what’s the order you try to hire them?
Wow, interesting question. I’ll give it a whirl, but understand I am basing off success in the Pac-10 as a coach. 1. Pete Carroll, 2. Jim Harbaugh, 3. Mike Riley, 4. Rick Neuheisel, 5. Mike Bellotti, 6. Jeff Tedford, 7. Dennis Erickson, 8. Mike Stoops, 9. Paul Wulff, 10. Ty Willingham.

Do you believe Manti Te’o would rather go to college with some of his friends and a coach from the same high school? Or do you think his college choice will still be ultimately decided by his religion, or wish to play with a team chock full of NFL talent?
I think it is a long-shot for him to wind up at UCLA, mostly because I don’t think he was that sold on it even after taking a visit. Also, one of his best friends, teammate and UCLA commit Roby Toma, said he wasn’t going to pressure Te’o. In the end, I see him winding up at BYU, but I wouldn’t rule USC out.

Have you observed improvement from Forcier over the course of the season as the 2nd and 3rd string QB to make you believe he can compete for the starting job for the 2009 season?
No, not at all. His reads are slow and his accuracy is poor. Plus, he needs to gain better command of the playbook.

Have you heard D. Walker’s name thrown about with the impending opening up in Washington?
No, and I don’t see it happening. Washington wants to raise a bundle of money for stadium improvements, and the president there came from LSU. I don’t see Washington hiring a first-time head coach, although I think Walker would do a very good job there.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you mentioned months back that you didn’t think Rick Neuheisel was a great recruiter based on players he left at Colorado and Washington. Have you seen anything this recruiting season to change your mind at this point?
I don’t recall saying he wasn’t a great recruiter. My recollection is that I said I was taking a wait-and-see approach to his recruiting. And I am still doing that, and it takes a few years for these things to play out.

OSU in town
wow what a beat down we get
wheels comin off?
Bruins could win this
Still not sold on road Beavers
Were wheels ever on?

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