Answers, Part III

By the way, here is the football notebook from today’s paper, which talks about Aundre Dean and a possible transfer:
Now, here is the third set of answers:

Is UCLA interested in Mike Moser? If so, where does he fit in in this recruiting class? That seems like a whole bunch of swing forwards. Is there a risk of a de-commit?
UCLA is looking at Moser, but I think he may wait until the spring before making a decision because he has opened up his recruitment in a big way. And guys of his size aren’t readily available, so it makes sense to go after him, especially since he can play the wing or power forward. But I do not think there is a risk of a de-commit from UCLA’s class.

Last week you said you don’t think recruiting rankings are reliable in general. You pointed to an article in an SD newspaper studying the phenomenon. That article dealt with football specifically – would you agree that hoops rankings are more accurate? Especially in aggregate, like with RSCI?
Yes, the hoop rankings, at the elite level UCLA is recruiting, are more accurate, but again not a tell-all. Chace Stanback is an example of that.

With Ertz still a Stanford commit and Sanders still a Miami commit (there was a blurb from him recently in are there other TE prospects the coaches are looking at if need be?
Yes, the staff is looking at several tight ends. However, with Logan Paulsen expected to red-shirt, the priority of getting a tight end is less in this recruiting class.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how do you rate this year’s offensive line. And how do you expect next year’s offensive line to perform, assuming Sheller and Maiava are healthy.
I rate this offensive line a 2 or 3. Also, I think the offensive line will be much improved next season, especially if Maiava is in there. He is a tough, mean player. However, Sheller has never played, so there is no way to judge how he will perform.

Is the Washington football HC job a high demanding opening?
It is up there as one of the top jobs in the Pac-10, but I’m not sure how much the Huskies are going to pay. I heard they could pay as much as $2 million, which is considerably more than the $1.25 million Rick Neuheisel makes at UCLA.

Do you think Coach Walker would take it if he was offered it? Why?
Yes, in a heart beat. He is ready to be a head coach, he wants to be a head coach, and that is one of the better jobs in the Pac-10. But I don’t see him being offered the job.

Probability of landing in your opinion?
Devon Kennard — Medium, based on how the staff handles him since he is out for the season.
Manti Te’o – Minimal.
Cliff Harris — Less than minimal

Roby Toma and Dalton Hilliard were offered for there D-1 talent or to land Manti Te’o? Are we any closer to getting him with these 2 verbals?
My sources tell me for their Division I talent. We shall see. I know the old staff liked Hilliard from a few years ago, when he came to a camp. As for Toma, I hear both sides of it. But I don’t think those two coming to UCLA will have much of an impact on Te’o.

Toma looks like he has good hands has and is a Deshawn Jackson type of impact player…DO you see him getting any action as a true freshman?
Jackson type of impact player? What?! Jackson was an incredible talent with game-changing ability as a receiver and returner, and is now doing well in the NFL. Toma was recruited to be a role player early in his career, playing a lot on special teams and possibly developing into a receiver. And it is way to early to know if he will red-shirt, but I would think that is the path.

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