Answers, Part IV

Here is the fourth set:

The obvious difference between Karl Dorrel and Rick Neuheisal is personality. But what is the biggest difference you’ve observed in terms of football strategy, Xs and Os, etc?
The biggest thing I’ve noticed is Neuheisel’s (and offensive coordinator Norm Chow) willingness to think outside of the box to try and make the offense productive. Dorrell preached harder work and consistency and that would make the offense go, even if it had no hope of going. Neuheisel and Chow are trying different things to spark the offense.

Do you see any UCLA related individuals being up for the Washington HC job?

A lot is made of the tough academic standards for football recruits. What are the minimums in terms of GPA and SAT (or ACT)? Is Chancellor Block the only one who can unilatterally lower the standards?
I’ve been through this a lot, but I guess it is time to repeat it. There are no minimum terms because it is done on a sliding scale, and a case-by-case study. A higher GPA could mean a lower SAT, and vice versa. There are also special circumstances considered, like if a kid can afford a tutor or if a kid has to work after school and then do homework when he gets home at 10 p.m. And while Block can make a change, he then has to answer to a board who can decide whether it is time for the school to change chancellors.

At home basketball games, the section directly across from the UCLA bench and next to the student section seems to be reserved for VIPs, recruits, or invited guests. How do you get tickets there? Do you have to “know someone” to sit there?
You have to be a VIP, recruit or invited guest to sit there. And, yes, you have know someone to sit there.

Do you think Norm Chow would take a HC job if offered from a big enough program (eg. Washington)?
Yes, but I don’t see it happening.

Is there an objective way to determine whether an interception is receiver’s fault instead of QB’s? For example, after one of Kraft’s interceptions vs. Cal, he came to the sideline and seemed to indicate that Everett should have continued on his route instead of pulling up. How can we tell?
That play was Craft’s fault because he mis-read the play, according to the coaching staff. And the only way to tell for sure is to ask the coaching staff after games, which is usually what I do.

Do you think there is any chance we have a hundred yard rusher this season?
UCLA already has two of them in Kahlil Bell and Derrick Coleman. …Oh, you meant in one game? Sure, the Bruins play at Washington on Nov. 15.

UCLA officially has five scholarships to offer for 2009 (hoops). However, we all know there is a strong likelihood that another scholarship may become available if Jrue Holiday goes to the NBA or if another player transfers. Under the rules, can UCLA sign 6 players in November, if 6 players wanted to sign with UCLA?
Yes, UCLA can sign six players. If all the players that left early came back this season, UCLA would have been over the 13 limit. However, that did not happen. If it happens, UCLA has to tell one of the incoming kids he is not coming, or one of the on-roster kids his scholarship will not be renewed. After all, scholarships are on a year-by-year basis.

If UCLA signed 25 offensive linemen this year would it be enough?
Depends how good they are because only five play at a time.

Is there a single offensive lineman at UCLA who would be good enough to start at a majority of Pac 10 teams?
At the majority of Pac-10 schools? I’m not taking that bet.

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