Answers, Part V

Here is the fifth set:

When Craft looks at his wristband before a play, what is he doing? Does the wristband contain the team’s playbook, and does it tell him which plays to run under which situations?
No, he’s looking at the play sent in from the sideline to make sure he has the call right and it is a way of double-checking on a short-hand playbook.

Do you think that CBH will fill the remaining slot for the 2009 class or will he hold that scholie for the 2010 class?
I think it is 50-50, depending on the development of a few high school seniors and whether the staff believes Jrue Holiday is definitely a one-and-done player.

What’s a typical work day for you like during football and basketball season?
It varies on the day, but basically I get check emails, post things on the blog, talk on the phone with sources and meet with people, watch (football) practice and write a story or two. A lot of 10 to 12 hour work days.

Is Coach Neuheisel given any imput into the scheduling of non conference games?
Yup. The problem is UCLA’s schedule is filled out a few years in advance, so he can either ask for a contract to be broken or suck it up the next few years and play what is already scheduled.

Are there any high profile football recruits for 2009 that the staff is working on but we haven’t heard about?
I’m sure. The coaches make phone calls on Mondays and Tuesday to recruits, and I’m sure they talk to some guys and make contact with some guys that are not heard about. However, the feasibility of getting such players is not great.

I know journalists aren’t supposed to root for the teams they cover, but isn’t it more professionally rewarding to cover a winner? Do you in some ways “root” for UCLA to get to the BCS Championship game or Final Four so you can cover those events?
No, not at all. Professional rewards, for me, comes from getting great information no one else has, or writing a feature about something no one else knew about, or knew to write. I’ve covered most high-profile events in my career, and to be honest, it is a pain. There are far too many other reporters getting in my way, and the access to players and coaches is usually less than I normally get. So, to me, the aggravation of that doesn’t come close to watching the BCS title game or Final Four in person.

have you ever been on a recruiting trip with coaches before? football or basketball. if so what was it like?
Nope. I don’t think that is something a coach would like.

how does the staff determine who hosts the recruits?
Based on position, and also common interests of the recruits and the host player.

What exactly are the coaches able to do and not able to do when they go out recruiting at high school games? (talk to recruits, make offers, speak with coaches or parents, wave at the kid?) Thanks Dohn.
If you are talking about football recruiting, they can go watch the game. That is it. They cannot speak to the kid while at the game. They can wave and be cordial, but the coaches cannot have a long discussion with the kids.

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