Answers, Part VI

Here is the sixth set:

Must UCLA coaches get clearance from the academic commitee before they can extend a formal offer to a recruit?
For the most part, yes, that is true. In the case of borderline recruits, offers can be extended.

Do you think UCLA would have offered Roby Toma on his own merits as a football player if Manti T’eo wasn’t his good friend and teammate?
In all honesty, no, I do not. But that is not to disparage Toma, who seems like a very nice kid and could be a good player for UCLA.

From the feedback you get from NFL scouts and coaches, What round (if any) would the following upperclassmen be drafted? Harwell, Reggie Carter, Verner, Paulsen, Moya, Bell, Olson? Thanks.
On the list, Harwell, Bell and Olson are going to be in the April draft. The others will be back.
I also think only Harwell and Paulsen are projected as draft picks, with Harwell maybe sneaking into the sixth round and Paulsen a mid-range selection.

Any way of finding out how many plays are in Chow’s playbook, how many of those have been implemented in practice, and of the ones used in practice, how many have been used in games?
It’s too fluid of a process to talk about how many are used in practice, how many used in games and all that. But during training camp I was told there very few plays, but they are run out of a lot of different formations.

We all know Chow is a quarterback guru, but I’ve rarely heard him called a running back or o-line guru. Based on the offensive struggles this year, do you think there’s anything to that?
No, because I think UCLA offensive line coach Bob Palcic is very good. However, there is not much talent to work with, and the talent there is inexperienced and lacking strength. Chow’s specialty is working with the quarterbacks and game-planning an offense, but UCLA’s offensive talent doesn’t allow him to showcase his skills.

Why hasn’t the offense used more screens, draws and counters? Also no cut blocking by the OL?
Because screens, draws and counters only work against blitzing teams, and UCLA’s opponents don’t need to blitz often to stop the running game or get to the quarterback. And I’ve seen the OL try to cut block, and it was not pretty.

If the UCLA football program gets a commitment from a kid with a 4.0 GPA, does that make it easier to get a marginal student through the academic people? In other words, is a very good student allowed to offset a marginal student?
Not the way I understand things to work with the admissions folks. If UCLA gets a 4.0 kid, the admission folks usually want to know why every kid can’t be a 4.0 student.

how lucky were Liverpool to win against my Blues last weekend, and how long until they drop the league lead?
Lucky? Liverpool had the better of play, and was the much better side. Yes, the goal took a fortuitous deflection, but the Reds outplayed Chelsea. And the way Liverpool is winning or tying so many games late, I would say another few weeks before it catches up and the Reds drop one.

A few weeks ago we heard that the staff was looking at some JC Olinemen. Its been very quiet since then. Are there any serious JC oline or dline players that could come in and contribute?
UCLA is still trying to find those players, and will spend Saturday taking in a bunch of JUCO games in an effort to further evaluate talent.

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