Answers, Part VII

Here is the seventh helping:

Steve Sloan looks awful at MLB. Why does he play?
True, he is not making tackles, but I asked defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker about it this week, and he said Sloan is “not hurting” UCLA because he is constantly putting the defense in the right situation. Sloan needs experience, and he should be much better next season.

what is it specifically that is holding forcier back at qb? it seems that all that was written about last season in terms of his moxie and athleticism has disappeared.
I don’t think I ever wrote about his moxie and athleticism. I know he is athletic, but even last year I thought his best position would be receiver. He needs to learn the plays better, get stronger, throw a more accurate ball and get better arm strength.

Looking at next season, assuming all the coaches stay, what do you think a likely record could be?
I think UCLA could win eight games next season.

Who do you think would win in an ultimate fighting match, you or Scott Wolf, and why?
I’m in peak physical condition with Jersey blood. You tell me.

How did the coaches feel about Datone Jones’ performance in his first start? Is there optimism that he will be an impact player by next year?
Impact player, impact player, impact player. Man, that is a favorite question of a lot of people. Forget impact players. Will he be a good to better-than-average player? How about that?
The coaches thought he battled well and played hard against Cal and they were pleased and optimistic. As far as making an impact, sophomore defensive ends are rarely impact players. It took Bruce Davis until his fourth year in the program to make an impact.

Will we continue to see signs of stubbornness from CRN, like not listening to Chow with regards to replacing Craft before last game? And if so, will that affect Chow’s decision to stay?
Chow and Neuheisel have a great relationship, so I don’t see that impacting Chow’s decision to stay. And I’m confused by the first part of your question. All I can tell you is Chow wants to stick with Craft, and that is what UCLA is doing.

How often do players seek you out to comment about the articles you write or this awesome blog? What do they say?
Very rarely do they say anything (which is how I prefer it) and 99 percent of the time it is something complimentary.

Is it now likely that Kyle Bosworth’s injury will keep him out of action for the remainder of the season and enable him to redshirt?
That is the plan.

Some USC players (e.g., C.J. Gable and Allen Bradford) have publicly complained about not getting enough playing time. Have you heard any UCLA players make similar complaints this year?
Not really. At least, not publicly, and if the players aren’t willing to put their name on their gripes, I will not violate the trust and tell you who those players are.

I’ve never seen Norm Chow in person, but he doesn’t seem like a particularly big guy? Did he ever play football? What position and at what level?
He is much bigger than you think. He played guard at Utah and played briefly in the CFL.