Answers, Part X

Here is the 10th set:

In your opinion will Micah Kia ever get the importance of playing hard and nasty all the time ? Seems like a waste of talent ?
He understands he needs to play hard and nasty, but it is not in his personality. And I don’t view it as a waste of talent, but rather a mis-evaluated talent by those who recruited him.

Any updated news on the the two Utah recruits John Martinez and Xavier Sua Filo ?
Not really, but I keep hearing both are long shots for UCLA.

Can you please explain the concept of the jump stop in hoops, that Howland stresses so much?
A player dribbles the basketball, usually into the key, and upon completing his dribbled jumps and lands with both feet. He then can either shoot or pass. It usually catches defenses off guard, and opens up a passing lane for a lay-up because the opposing big men have to step up and guard the player who jump stops.

for bball, have u seen enough improvement in the returning players’ game + holiday to indicate that they could possibly play better than like last years team with klove? or like no chance in hades?
I’ve seen half of one practice because Howland closes practices. So, to answer your question, no I have not.

I am hearing that UCLA is doing a little better with Snaer now. Have you heard the same? Could it be due to the rave reviews that Holisay is getting in practice and the thought that he may truly be a one-and-done player?
No, I have not heard that. In fact, I heard the exact opposite. I heard Snaer is basically down to Florida State and Missouri, but is waiting to see if Kansas makes a last-second offer.

do u/did u get the feeling from klove that he was all gung ho about being a bruin like, oh say like us, or was he more like, ucla whatever im one & done and more about the nba man?
He really enjoyed his time at UCLA, and I think if it wasn’t for outside influences he actually would have entertained coming back for a second season. However, I never thought he would come back, and his approach to living off campus and focusing so hard on basketball showed he always thought he was a one-and-done player.

Do you believe that the last 4 commits (the ones since Hasiak)represent an upgrade in talent over the overall talent of the fb team?
I would say it is more that UCLA is adding depth to positions it has some depth at, but needs more.

was that u in the chat window for the football game posting as “Dohn” or was that just a very convincing imposter/faker/poser/evil twin/clone?
It was me. I wanted to be able to give some of my commentary from the game, and also make sure folks behaved. And, thankfully, they did, until a USC fan with nothing better to do with his life showed up and tried to create trouble. But I thank everyone who participated for keeping it clean, and in reality, pretty humorous.

Does the coaching staff regret not discouraging offensive lineman Aaron Meyer from quiting the team? Would he be starting or getting playing time if he were still around?
Not really. He wasn’t going to play ahead of anyone playing right now.