Answers, Part XI

Here is the 11th set of answers:

What is Forcier’s problem? What does he need to work on to be better?
He is mobile, but leaves the pocket too soon. He needs to make quicker reads, his accuracy is an issue and so is arm strength.

Some time ago, when someone asked you to name the top 5 coaches in college basketball, you left Howland off the list. Do you still stand by that? If the list changed, can you update it?
It is the same. I listed guys at the top of the profession who won national titles. I’m not saying Howland is a bad coach, nor is that a slight against him. When asking about a coach, I take in all aspects, including recruiting.

In the Q&A last week you answered a question about Hasiak’s GPA and test scores (where the numbers came from I don’t know) that seemed to implied that the stated numbers would not be good enough to get him into school. Does Stan need to improve his grades in order to enroll?
I don’t think that is an issue with Hasiak.

how did datone jones grade out in his first start? seemed to me like he was around the ball A LOT
He did fine. What the coaches really liked was his energy, and his willingness/ability to run to the football and not give up on plays.

Do you believe it is fair to have the college football national championship decided by polls?
Fair has nothing to do with it. I don’t have a problem with the current system because any playoff would exclude a team(s) that believes it is capable of winning the national title.

How can a 1 loss OSU team with a tougher strenght of schedule, and only loss to the number 1 team be ranked below a 1 loss USC team with a weaker strength of schedule and loss to an unranked team>?
Because USC is still a better team. Otherwise, wouldn’t Oregon State have a beef with not being ranked. It’s losses are to Penn State and Stanford, and Utah, but the Beavers also have a win against USC. And when I checked, Penn State, Utah and USC were all pretty highly ranked. It would also give Oregon State a pretty tough schedule as well.

When are we going to see Jill’s bio on the side bar? Maybe on the right side or just below yours on the left…
Probably when it becomes Inside UCLA with Brian Dohn and Jill Painter.

Would UCLA be able to win the National Championship at the D1 FCS (former D1 AA) level with this current team?
Championship? How ’bout another game?

Can you ask the coaches if they see Donovan Carter or Larimore being any help next year?
Already have, and the coaches like both of them. The issue with Carter is conditioning and shape. It must improve, but the coaches like him.

I thought Abdul Gaddy was ours to lose. What happened?
You had incorrect thoughts. Whomever told you that didn’t do their homework.

In your opinion, do you think Kevin Craft is making improvements during the season? Its hard to imagine that he was worse than how he played against Cal at the beginning of the season.
If he is, only is small increments that can be difficult to evaluate because it is not resulting in increased production.