Answers, Part XIII

Here is No. 13:

With a few SC players whining about lack of playing time are you hearing anything about any of them transferring to UCLA?
I don’t know. I cover UCLA. Ask someone on the USC blog.

If Petey leaves SC for an NFL head coaching job, do you think we would have a chance to get Matt Barkley?
No. He’s going to USC. UCLA already has its quarterback in Los Osos’ Richard Brehaut.

You keep saying that you expect CRN to finish strong with recruiting, but we obviously need some stud OL and DL. There doesn’t appear to be many quality guys left. Are there enough good ones who are interested in UCLA to fill up our class?
Please point out where I say he will finish strong. UCLA has a few offensive linemen they like already committed, and are scouring the JUCOs for linemen on both sides of the ball. I’m sure there are good ones left, but they need to chose UCLA, and also be admitted to the school.

With the proliferation of the internet as a news source, do you foresee smaller publications like the Daily News going away, i.e., do you think you might be out of a job in 5-10 years? Have opportunities for traditional journalists greatly declined, especially sports reporters?
I don’t know, and I try not to waste my time with it. But thanks for trying to cheer me up heading into the weekend. Very nice and classy.

How high an interest level do the Bruins have in Bishop Amat (S/LB) Brent Seals ?
They are aware of him and are monitoring him, but right now he isn’t in their plans.

Seems like the Bruins are waiting around to see if Zach Ertz and Billy Sanders de-commit , and sign with UCLA , is this a pipe dream ? Seems we should move on to other kids , that are not already committed to other schools ? Any possible candidates ?
I still think there is a good chance for one of those to wind up at UCLA, but neither kid wants to get involved in such a thing during his senior season. And with Logan Paulsen expected back next season and the emergence of Cory Harkey, tight end isn’t a position of the utmost importance in recruiting as it was before the season.

With the Bruins getting a commit from Roby Toma , does this leave Kevin Cummings from Crespi HS on the outside looking in , for a scholarship ?
I don’t think Cummings was going to get an offer anyway. But I did hear he just picked one up from San Diego State.

does coach chow fly 1st class to the islands?
Got me?

Are we done recruiting WR’s for this year?
It is no longer a priority, but if one comes along that UCLA feels it cannot pass on, then I look for it to recruit the player.