Answers, Part XIV

Here is the 14th set:

Do you think Westgate will be a factor at LB next year or is he just seen as a special teams guy?
I can see him in a backup role, especially since it appears Kyle Bosworth will be red-shirting.

I’ve never seen a MLB who makes fewer plays than Sloan. With Bosworth returning next year, do you see Reggie Carter returning to MLB?
I think that will happen because of the development of Akeem Ayers.

Do you think we’re going to have a real competition at QB in the spring or is it Craft’s job to lose?
I think it will be a real competition, with Kevin Prince and incoming freshman Richard Brehaut making it very interesting.

What happened to Ryan Moya? Did he even play against cal?
He played, but teams are beginning to scheme against him since Kevin Craft loves to go to him.

Is Toma a legit Pac-10 WR prospect or is this a ploy to land Teo and/or establish a pipeline to Hawaii? 5’9″, 160?
At this point I say he is more of a special teams/glue type of player, but I’m not going to say he cannot play in the Pac-10. That remains to be seen.

Is Hilliard going to be a RB at UCLA or something else?
Right now as a running back, but I could see something changing in that.

What is your assessment of Christian Ramirez? I read on another site that it’s thought he’s the leading candidate to start at TB next year.
He’s the leading candidate because he was supposed to be Kahlil Bell’s backup before he became ineligible. But I think there will be very good competition at that spot in the spring.

Will Moline remain at FB next year?
I don’t know, but I think he should. And I’d be surprised if he did not remain there.

Do you still think we’re going to give out 25 scholarships this year? And do you expect anyone to greyshirt?
Nothing has changed in the last week to make me think otherwise. And it is much, much, much too early to talk about gray-shirts when the talent level needs to be upgraded so badly.