Answers, Part XV

Folks, this is the last set of answers for today. If anything breaks tonight, I will have it here. But I need to spend some time with Spider-man and Squirt, and see if I can “borrow” some of their Halloween candy.
I will have more answers Saturday. Now, here is the 15th set:

How many LB recruits are we going to bring in this year other than Golper and Bowens?
Got me. How many want to commit? I could see UCLA getting one more.

How did the coaches assess Mike Harris’ performance against cal?
Like a guy who made his first career start. He did ok, but there is enormous room for improvement.

I’ve seen Sheller on the sideline. Is he looking good to be ready for Spring ball?
I don’t know. I think that would be pressing it because of the severity of his injuries, but there is no longer a big concern his career is over. However, he needs to strengthen his legs quite a bit.

Which QB is running the scout team right now? And how does he look?
Kevin Prince is running scout team, and he looks pretty good. He can throw the ball down the field.

Which center is more impressive in practice, Dean or Maiava?
Maiava. I think he can be really good if he gets in better shape.

Do you think a true frosh will start on the OL next year?
Not at the beginning of the season, but I didn’t think one would start this year, either.

What are the chances we land that Tepa kid from LB Poly, the DE committed to Hawaii?
Decent, but if I was a betting man, I wouldn’t bet on it. (Thankfully, I don’t gamble …much.)

Are Bosworth and Paulson definitely going to redshirt?
UCLA cannot say so because players have to show they gave an effort to get back before the season ended when applying for a medical red-shirt, but I think that is what will happen.

Is Chandler done at TE? It seems that he’s behind both Miller and Harkey and he can’t catch a cold.
So, Chandler has a great immune system? …He will remain at tight end for now because he may still have to play the odd down there, but you are right when it comes to the rotation. However, he is one injury from getting in the game. But after the season, it will be back to the offensive line.

Who are the best defenders on the scout team?
Safety E.J. Woods and cornerback Aaron Hester.