Answers (cont.), Part XVI

Morning, folks. Here is the notebook I wrote for today’s paper about UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel out recruiting, as well as some injury updates.
Also, there will be five sets of answers today. Here is the 16th:

How is Stokes doing? Is he any less productive than Blake?
Other than missing the last game with a knee injury, undergoing arthroscopic surgery eight days ago and being questionable for Oregon State, he’s doing fine.

Who of the current commits do the coaches see as a steal, a guy they think is underrated, kind of like last year’s Derrick Coleman?
I covered this last week. The coaches cannot comment on recruits because they have not signed letters of intent, so if I tell you who they think is a real steal, it immediately becomes a recruiting violation. So, should I take a survey and ask the coaches to commit a violation?

How is David Carter progressing? He makes some plays on special teams.
He was moved to defensive end because of the injuries to Tom Blake and Reggie Stokes. He is playing, so that is a good thing. He still needs to develop more, and get stronger.

Next year’s LB corps – SLB Ayers MLB Carter, WLB Bosworth?
That’s the way I see it.

What are our chances vs. ASU and UW?
Against Washington, very good because that thing is a mess. Against Arizona State, adequate because Dennis Erickson is an excellent coach the Sun Devils could be competing for a bowl game.

prediction for the OSU game?
No thanks. I’ll wait for this week to pass and then see the health of both teams.

ABC seemed to make a big deal of RN coaching Craft too hard vs. cal. What’s your take on this?
Craft can handle it. Perhaps the announcers haven’t seen it Neuheisel do it before, but it is a common, almost weekly, occurrence. I don’t read too much into it.

Is RN satisfied with the S&C program at UCLA? He basically called his OL weak.
That is something that will be interesting to watch. He brought in his own guy, Mike Linn, to run the program, but I don’t think there was enough time to make a huge difference. If the same issue exists next season, then I think it is a big problem.

Which of Howland’s recruits currently in the NBA (Farmar, Afflalo, Westbrook, Love, Mbah-a-Moute) do you think will have the best pro career?
Kevin Love. He is such a skilled big man and has a great feel for the game. I could see him playing 12 years, maybe more.

How many players with NBA potential do you see on the current team?
Darren Collison and Jrue Holiday for sure, then I think it boils down to development. As for the returning guys, I think Josh Shipp has a lot to prove this season.

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