Answers, Part XVII

Here is the 17th set:

Do you see Savage improving to where he can be good next year, or is he the next Kia, i.e., lots of physical talent but just can’t get it done?
It’s too early for me to tell with Savage, but I do have a few concerns about his pad level, leg drive and his desire to bury the guy across from him on the line of scrimmage.

Based on the 1st half of the season, do we have any all-Pac 10 players, 1st or 2nd team?
DT Brigham Harwell could make it.

Are we recruiting TE Marlion Barnett and if so what our are chances? And what are our chances of turning Billy Sanders or Zach Ertz?
UCLA is looking at Barnett, but I’m not sure the staff thinks he is Pac-10 material. And I think there is still a decent chance to turn either Sanders (Miami commit) or Ertz (Stanford commit).

Trevor Ariza is looking like a much-improved player with the Lakers. Was he a Howland recruit, or had he already committed when Howland took over? Is his good D attributable at all to Howland’s coaching?
He was already on board when Howland got the job. I’m sure Ariza took some of Howland’s teachings and applied them to his NBA career, but I think it is a reach to say Howland made him the player he was. This is Ariza’s third team, I believe, already.

What are our chances with Heimuli, the DT from Utah? And Deandre Coleman, the former UW commit at DT?
I think it will be tough to get Heimuli, and I haven’t hear much on Coleman.

given that the Bruins have only played 3 road games so far, 2 in conference, how has Neuheisel been received by the various crowds? Did the Oregon or Cal fans offer a particular greeting or harassment to him?
I am too far away from the sideline to really make a judgment on that. I haven’t heard anything outlandish happening, but I’m in the press box until the closing minutes of the game.

Are the coaches concerned that Will Sutton may not have the size to play DT in college, or are there “other reasons” why he hasn’t been offered? And where are we with DT’s Noel Beckles and Justin Brown?
There are other reasons in the cases of each you mention.

Did Perez/Hale get in trouble for the fake punt?
Define trouble. They were made to understand it wasn’t the correct play.

From what I’ve seen of Jrue Holiday, he’s extremely skilled, poised, and team-oriented. However, he’s not a freaky athlete for a guard, and not a great shooter. I would think he’s no lock to be a one-and-done. Am I way off?
Way, way, way off. The kid can play, and is probably the most polished guard Howland recruited to UCLA.

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