Answers, part XI

Here is the 11th set:

What are UCLA’s chances of landing Moser in your opinion?
If he doesn’t want to stay in the Northwest, I think UCLA has a great shot at him. But I’m not sure he will leave his home area after what transpired at Arizona.

why wasn’t the first b-ball exhibition free to EVERYONE online like it was last year?
I have no idea. I was under the impression it was. Contact UCLA about it.

Brian…seriously…are you going to continue answering questions if they get to be over 250-300??? If so, please stop, look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself “What the hell do I think I’m doing?”
I am beginning to do that, and I’m thinking about getting rid of “what-if” and “predict the recruit’s school of choice” questions.

How has Olson looked running the scout team? Can you see him “getting his legs” or is that still a ways off? Is he making vast improvements every day or is it more step at a time?
He hasn’t done enough of it to notice much, and I know from talking to him his body was sore from all the movement after not doing much for a few months. I think it is baby-step mode right now.

If Frank Gansz leaves at the end of the year do you think RN will hire another special teams coach or use that coaching slot for something else?
My guess is he will hire a tight ends/special teams coach, but it will be largely dependent on who else on the staff leaves.

Do you think Dewayne Walker would leave for a non BCS conference school after this season if something were to open up?
Depends on the school, but I could see it happening.

Even though you don’t cover the UW beat, who do you see being interested in or coveting the job? Would DW be interested in the UT job?
Not right now. I like covering UCLA. And, yes, I believe DeWayne Walker would be interested in coaching Tennessee, but I don’t think it will happen.

Holliday seems to be really good at distributing the ball and making things happen. Do you think he is potentially a more effective point guard than Collison? Any chance that he plays the point with Collison as the two guard?
I think when those two guys are on the floor together they could switch on and off who is running the point and who is the shooting guard. So, yes, I agree with what you are asking.

Do you think Dragovic has significantly improved this year, or did he simply have a hot hand in the first exhibition game?
Since I didn’t see the game, I don’t know. But I will say this: I always thought he could shoot the ball very well. It was every other aspect of his game that kept him off the floor.

You said last week that outside influences affected Kevin Love’s decision to go pro after 1 year at UCLA. Will you elaborate?
All I’ll say is people surrounding him wanted him to leave for the NBA very badly. That is all I am willing to say about it.

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