Answers, Part XVII

Before I say night-night folks, remember there will be more answers Saturday, and there will be an in-game chat that will remain a fixture until folks start abusing it with poor language.
Here is the final set of answers for tonight:

Has Dan Guerrero ever said why he hired Karl Dorrell over Mike Riley when both were the top candidates for the UCLA job? Do you know if Riley feels any lingering resentment toward the snub?
Anything Guerrero said was basically the typical p.r. spin of being the best candidate, a former Bruin, blah, blah, blah. And I never got the sense Riley had lingering resentment.

Would you be willing to accept a position in the Obama administration if asked?
Doing what?

Who do you feel has more potential to be a true impact player in the future: Akeem Ayers or Datone Jones?
It’s too early for me to really have an opinion since I’d like to see Jones more, but right now I will go with Ayers because of the speed and size he brings to the linebacker position.

Is the coaching staff seriously looking at any non offensive lineman from the JC ranks? If so who?
Yes, they are, but right now I am not at liberty to discuss it. I can tell you the staff is looking at some defensive linemen, and also a few cornerbacks. When my sources tell me it is ok to publicize the names, I will do so.

How many offensive lineman does the coaching staff ideally want in this recruiting class?
From my understanding, they want five, with as many of two of them being junior college players.

How important is it, from Neuheisal’s perspective, that UCLA get to a bowl game?
Not very. I don’t think many people expected it this season. I know I didn’t, and I don’t think the season will be a disaster is they don’t get to one.

In your story last week about UCLA football the last 10 years you wrote that Toledo had an arrogant approach toward recruiting. Can you explain?
He stopped listening to his staff on what players to sign and decided to base his recruiting largely off of the stars players received from recruiting sites.

Is Pat Cowan coming back for a sixth year?
Nope. He is not eligible for it. That topic has been covered many times.

Since good DTs are so hard to find, has Walker toyed with the idea of running a 3/4?
UCLA ran it a little bit in games earlier this season, but I don’t see him changing his philosophy on it.

uh, i took the lakers schedule and typed in the ucla hoops sked over it cuz i luv l.a. hoops. its not that great but hey it works. do u wanna post it? u can if u think itll be helpful:
Ok. Here it is:

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