Answers, Part VII

Here is the seventh set:

Is the San Diego State job considered a good Head Coaching job? I’ve lived in SD for 12 years and the interest/support for the program is pretty poor.
I don’t think so. I was talking about that with someone I consider to be in the know about it recently, and they said it was a coaching graveyard. Not only did coaches get fired regularly there, but those coaches had trouble finding good assistant jobs afterward. Plus, I was told the athletic department is a financial mess there.

Would you say Dean had a change of heart re: not transferring? If so, what do you think contributed to the change? If not, was transferring ever a serious consideration?
I don’t think a decision will be made for another month when it comes to whether or not he leaves.

Besides spring football, what do you cover between the end of UCLA’s BB tournament run to the beginning of football camp?
I catch up with my family, which I do not get to spend nearly as much time as I would like to from August through April.

If UCLA makes it to the final four this year, Collison will play in it 4 straight years. Has any other basketball player played in 4 consecutive final 4s?
I don’t really know how many other players have done it. I believe a Duke player or two did it recently.

(Hoops) Could and would UCLA withdraw their scholarship offer from Kendall Williams (2010 class) if he does not improve?
Yes, they could, because Williams is not eligible to sign a binding letter of intent until November 2009. And, yes, I believe UCLA would make it known Williams should not sign with them, and he would de-commit.

I keep hearing that CRN needs to change the culture of Bruin football, but also that Coach Dorrell was successful in changing the culture. Can you explain this apparent contradiction?
Dorrell changed it, but not to the liking of Neuheisel.

Thinking about that article about Joseph and others not redshirting during Dorrell’s time, which players do the current staff wish they had redshirted this year?
I think it was evident in the story when Neuheisel pointed out RB Aundre Dean and LB Sean Westgate as guys he wished he could have red-shirted.

Even though Forcier had 2 good weeks, will the coaching staff have a shorter leash on Craft or will he just get thrown back in after his 4th INT again?
I don’t know. I’m curious to see what would happen in such an instance. My gut tells me UCLA would remain with Craft, but I think there will be an opportunity for Forcier to play this week.

Which is more likely: 73 wins for the Lakers (NBA record) or a UCLA victory over USC?
Oh, Lakers. Not even a question.

Coach Neuheisel has promoted “relentless optimism” as the team’s theme with the media. During games though he seems to be yelling at Kevin Craft at every opportunity. How do you think the coach reconciles his sideline behavior with his relentless optimism mantra?
He remains “relentlessly optimistic” Craft will finally get it and stop making poor decisions and throwing bad passes.

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