Answers, Part XI

Here is the 11th set of answers:

Will Harwell get drafted? If so, what part of the draft?
I don’t know if he will get drafted, but I expect him to go somewhere between the fourth and sixth rounds.

How has Korey Bosworth played compared to the coaches expectations?
Better than they thought. They like his motor, but he has played with more consistency than first anticipated.

Is it true you’re running a behind-the-scenes campaign to get a Chick-Fil-A put into Ackerman?
No, because that would mean I was running a campaign to put on 30 pounds next season.

If Rutgers and UCLA play, do you have to rescue yourself from covering the game?
No, because I know how the separate personal from professional. I know I could handle it, but I don’t think some folks at UCLA understand how to separate professional from personal.

I see UCLA’s inside game deriving from Collison and Holiday driving, then dishing off to a big. Do you see it that way and more importantly does Howland see it that way?
I see it that way, and I think from the way UCLA has played offensively the first four games, Howland also sees it in that vain.

Is there any chance we see more of Holiday at the point with Collison at the 2? Does Holiday have better court vision as a natural point?
I think there is a chance, but not immediately. I think that will be something that needs to play out in December. I think Holiday has superior court vision, but let’s wait a few more games before making such a declarative statement.

Which recruits has UCLA offered for the 2010 class (football) other than Paul Richardson?
The list is too lengthy. At last check, it was in the dozens.

How many scholies will the staff give out this year?
I’m guessing you mean football? It’s a weekly question, and the answer is 25. Plus, however many guys who enroll that can be pushed back onto the 2008 class.

What do you see to be the key positions for this football recruiting class? Do you think the staff is doing a good job recruiting players for these positions?
Offensive and defensive line are crucial, but talent at nearly every position is a necessity. As for doing a good job, tell me how many of the three JUCO commits will be in training camp in August and my answer will be more informed. Take the JUCOs out of the equation, and I’ll put the grade at incomplete.

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