Answers, Part XII

Greetings from Sun Devil Stadium. The chat will begin at 6:30 p.m. and I will have other updates, as needed, but for now here is the 12th and final set of answers today:

Chow said Forcier is doing better in practice. How do you think he looked this week? Will this translate to more plays on the field?
I thought he looked ok, but I’m not on the field to know if he is checking into the correct plays, or making the right reads. I think he does play against Arizona State, but I don’t know how many more plays than the two or three he gets on a good week for him.

i saw in your blog that nikola dragovic missed a practice because of a sore knee … did he get it kicking his girl friend?
Not sure, but if I had to guess, Alfred Aboya had something to do with Dragovic getting hurt, since the injury occurred in practice.

Of all the teams you’ve covered (college and pro), what was the most memorable season and why?
I would say the 2001 season covering the Dodgers, because it was one crazy moment followed by one even more ridiculous.

If I was to take a cross-country road trip with Howland, what is the most surprising thing I would learn about him by the time we got to Maine?
Are you driving or flying. Driving, I don’t like your chances of getting there with both of you alive. Flying, that he loves kids, and can be a big ‘ol softy in the offseason.

Brian, as a man of letters can you explain why it is so ridiculous–and redundant!–to say or write “Bruin Bear?”
I don’t think I need to explain, since you did.

If UCLA students really cared about protecting the Bruin on campus, don’t you think they would find a way to guard it rather than just covering it??
I’m not surprised UCLA would take the easy way out.

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