Hitting the panic button

Darren Collison said people were panicked after the Michigan loss, thought it’s not clear if he meant insiders or outsiders. Jrue Holiday cleared that up.
“I don’t think we really panicked,” Holiday said. “It was kind of like a stage, at first we were depressed. But then we were motivated to become stronger. We have to play a nonranked team and every team like it’s our last game.”

FB tidbits

Just got off a phone call with football coach Rick Neuheisel, who said he had no plans of changing quarterbacks for the USC game, but wouldn’t definitively say that was going to be the case.
Also, he said starting right guard Nick Ekbatani will have an MRI on an injured knee, but Neuheisel said he expected Ekbatani to be ready for USC on Dec. 6.

Final: UCLA 89, Florida International 54

Jrue Holiday sat on the bench most of the second half since the game was well in control. He made all eight of his shots and scored 20 points. He also had four rebounds and two assists. More later. No. 13 UCLA improves to 4-1 and next plays No. 6 Texas Thursday in Austin. Walkon Spencer Soo scored a 3-pointer at the buzzer, and his Bruins teammates went crazy.