Answers, Part XI

Here is the 11th installment:

Did Darren spend a lot of time during the offseason working on his midrange (including floaters) game? He looks more confident taking those kinds of shots these days.
Collison spent the offseason working on everything. He did plenty of shooting, but I think he always had that in his game, but wasn’t able to (or didn’t need to) use last season.

Brian, have you heard anything regarding Jim Harbaugh being considered to replace Norv Turner as HC of the Chargers? Do you think he’s ready for an NFL HC job?
I’ve heard Harbaugh mentioned for several jobs, and my understanding is he wants out of Stanford, and the Stanford would not be heartbroken if he left. I am told he is very difficult to deal with.

Why do you think BoBo plays such few minutes? And does he understand why he doesn’t get much playing time?
He needs to be in better shape and play better defense. And I spent 45 minutes with him Thursday, and he gets it all. I am writing about him for Saturday’s paper, and there is a very interesting twist to his basketball career that I cannot wait to share with everyone.

Do you think the special teams were just as disappointing as the offense this season?
No, I think the special teams were more disappointing. I thought the offense would be awful, but I expected more out of the special teams.

Did you miss us last week?
So much so I had to call Jill and have her read comments to me just so I could get my fill.

Seriously Brian, where would Liverpool be if it was not for Steven Gerrard? I am a ManU fan but that guy is amazing!
Stevie G is my favorite. He is awesome, well-rounded and about as clutch as they come. And he continues to be mis-used when playing for England.

When is the last day for underclassmen to declare for the NFL draft?
I believe it is Jan. 15.

Have you heard anything about UCLA possibly recruiting Isaac Williams out of El Camino Junior College?
I do not think UCLA is involved with him.

You have identified a few players who UCLA is calling on or will attend recruiting events, who have committed elsewhere. Are there any UCLA commits that are doing the same with other schools?
Yeah, there are a few, including offensive lineman Stanley Hasiak.

Who enforces drug policy violation penalties on the players?
UCLA’s athletic department. It is independent of the football program. Or basketball program.

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