Any predictions?

I know this is a UCLA blog, but I thought it might be kind of fun to do predict the final for today’s Rose Bowl game between USC and Penn State.

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About Jill Painter

Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • highlander

    Penn State 17 U$C 14

  • DoubleBruin

    PSU 19
    u$c 13


    Really, Jill? Really?? You want to talk SUC Football. I’m closing my lap top and going back to watching the Rose Parade.

  • Brian

    Penn State 89
    USC 1

  • Brian Dohn from weekly Q&A

    I don’t cover USC, go ask Scott Wolf…

  • Realistic

    USC 35
    Penn State 14

  • Tony

    gut=usc 24/psu 10
    heart=psu 21/usc 17

  • I hate USC but they are damn good

    USC 34
    Penn St. 10

  • gkyc5stars

    Penn state 1 million and Ucla – a million. go Trojan. Trojan 37 Penn state 10

  • kiriba08

    SC: 20

    PSU: 17

  • VenturaBruin

    Penn St.: 24
    Usc: 21

    Usc chokes!

  • Anonymous

    USC – 31
    Penn State – 17
    UCLA – at home watching the game

  • AngryBen

    Must be a slow sports day on the usc blog if they’re popping up here.

  • Anonymous

    Must be (another) slow UCLA sports day (watching the Rose Bowl again this year on TV) since there is nothing to chat about in this blog other than how much USC will beat Penn State by this afternoon.

  • john doe

    USC 30
    PSU 13

  • Nathan Exp

    USC 35
    PSU 6

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry Jill, there are plenty of trojans who troll on this blog all day and will give you their predictions along with their standard obnoxious anti-UCLA comments. Even gykc5stars, who has trouble writing a coherent sentence (he must be an suc grad).


    USC 100 Paterno State 0

    I am being modest here. The USC team owns the Rose Bowl (at least for the last 7 years).


  • ucla84

    Penn State 28
    Junior College 24

    It helps to actually take the game seriously.

  • jaylapeno

    Penn State 17 SUC 10

    What do U think Art V?

  • Trojan Killa

    I predict that there will be a bunch of band waggon raider fan gangsters contaminating our beautiful stadium.

    I predict that Southern Cal’s cheerleaders will wear way too much makeup and cheer for Penn State at an inopportune time.

    I predict that the Mussberger and Herbstreit will spend that whole game fellating Southern Cal.

    I predict that UCLA will be playing in this game in the not to distant future.

  • Anonymous

    how can u disgrace this blog like that jill? dohn would understand boundaries of where hes reporting, even as a non-bruin. does dohn not care about this or what?


    Folks, its halftime and programme across town is up 31-7. Sir Sanchez is having a great game. Look forward to the second half.

    Sarkisian is calling the best game of his career today. Cheers and Happy New Year to all.


  • doug4ucla

    On HGTV’s House Hunters they wiil pick, house #3 more interest in that than the RB

  • bobdabruin

    Cannot beleive this question is asked on a UCLA web site. Ms. Painter, you should have known better. True Bruin fans either a) want suc to get their butts kicked or b) don’t give a rip about those game. Wake up, Ms. Painter!

  • Anonymous

    This question literally makes my stomach sick, like I have to yack. If Brian wasn’t such a damm good beat reporter, this would make me quit this blog.

  • Bob

    A USC player will tackle an opponent by leading with his helmet and going helmet on helmet nearly knocking the opponent out and act like he is God’s gift to football. A penalty should be called and the guy should be tossed but what do the refs care? A Trojan will make a catch, secure the ball, and turn and start to run, the Penn State defender will knock the ball loose resulting in a fumble with Penn State recovering. The referee will call it an incomplete pass. Penn State will dominate the second half winning it 17-7 but will lose 38-24.

  • Anonymous

    Conversation about S(tandard)C(ompost) belongs on a gardening blog rather than a UCLA blog.

  • Anonymous

    Conversation about S(tandard)C(ompost) belongs on a gardening blog rather than a UCLA blog.