Philipp and OSU

In what I think is a stunning development, San Bernardino Arroyo Valley offensive lineman Michael Philipp committed to Oregon State. It is stunning to many people I talk to because he was admitted to Stanford, and was high on UCLA.

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  • VB

    Okay, you are accepted to both Stanford and UCLA, two of the finest academic institutions in the West, and you decide to forego those opportunities to attend Oregon freakin’ State? Oregon State? OREGON STATE??!!

    …. huh??? Oregon State? This has to be a “just kidding.”

  • Anonymous

    I think stunning is a pretty accurate way to describe the end result of his year long recruitment.

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome. Can everyone stop with CRN is a recruiting god? Our biggest needs going in were OL and DL. With Warner probably leaving or never getting admitted, we SUCKED it up.

    I don’t say this is the end of the program or any crazy stuff, but DAMN!! We just whiffed on every 4* OL west of the Mississippi.

  • Anonymous

    Was he drunk?

  • Will

    I can’t believe it, our OL is going to once again suck. All of our 4* OL recruits left.

  • VB

    This has been a problem since the Toledo era. Why can’t UCLA seem to recruit any offensive linemen? We haven’t had a great offensive line since ’98. Even in 2005, our offensive line wasn’t that great, but we had enough weapons on offense to make it work.


  • Anonymous

    Yeah I think its is pretty fair to say that our O-line is going to suck for 2-3 more years, but hopefully not as badly as last year.

  • VB

    Maybe we can move Morrell Presley and Logan Paulson to offensive tackle.

  • bruins_united

    looks like the obama-effect is not only helping out basketball but also football at oregon state.

  • VB

    Well, nObama did promise “change.” This must be the “change” for Oregon State athletics.

  • kingofcali626

    Brian whats the deal with Johnson? Rivals said he commited to UCLA this morning. Is he another JC player who might not qualify?

  • VB

    By the way, good to have you back, PB. Haven’t seen you around here in a while. How’s RB(uau)? What are you guys up to lately?

  • El Cajon Bruin

    Shawn Johnson is a JC lineman that committed in November. Yes, he is an academic question mark & may not qualify.


    I begrudingly approve of Michael Phillip committing himself to OSU. Remember, Sir Phillip’s goal is to play in the NFL, not to become a scholar or PhD. To wit, let me, in a few short words, list the reasons that OSU was the right choice for Sir Phillip:

    1. Oregon State has a much better football programme than Stanford and UCLA.

    2. OSU’s programme does not need any rebuilding. They are ready to compete for the Pac-10 title and Rose Bowl now, but will probably lose to USC next year.

    3. OSU beat USC and Oklahoma State this year in their bowl game, showing that they can play against any good FB programme in the nation.

    4. Mike Riley is the 2nd best coach in the Pac-10 (even Dohn agrees with this point). Also, OSU has a great O-Line and good coach.

    5. Sir Phillip gets to block for star-in-the-making Jacquiz Rodgers, not half-step Markey or gimby Kalil Bell.

    Mark my words, but Coach Neuheisal still has a lot of rebuilding to do. He has only begun to scratch the surface of how bad the FB Programme is at UCLA. There is a reason why no legitimate OL prospect will come to UCLA, even with Palcic as coach. Best of luck to Sir Phillip in his future endeavours in Corvalis.


  • VB’s Jr. College Transcript

    Dude, no e in potato. Are you too young to remember Dan Quayle?

  • Locoweed

    Six of the first 12 posts are posted by VB or his cronies. Someone has too much time on their hands.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Those of us in Real Estate have nothing but time

  • Locoweed

    Thank you, that explains the multiple posts by VB and all of his alter-egos.

    Kids change their minds all the time, so it is not surprising that this kid has changed his mind to OSU. Best of luck to him.

  • Anonymous

    are you serious? Markey and Bell? LOL try Knox and Dean who are really good backs.

    Palcic is a good coach who sent numo of OL to the nfl

  • VB

    “Six of the first 12 posts are posted by VB or his cronies. Someone has too much time on their hands.”

    The mere fact that you counted the first 12 posts shows that you have too much time on your hands.

  • cv

    Brain DL is becomeing critical, when is Rick going to address the DL?

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey wants to remind all bruins that are visiting this blog that no offensive lineman want to partake in blocking for a JUCO QB.

    The Donkey wants Brian Dohn to explain why he is so shocked considering OSU finished better than Stanford and the bruins.

    The Donkey believes that Philipp will continue to be recruited hard by Stanford and that USC may recruit him just so rick and the bruins will go even harder at him.


    Anonymous 2:23 pm, thank your for your pointed comment. Your comment is well taken. I had forgotten that Half-step Markey was promoted to play in the NFL. My mistake.

    However, I think you have missed the point. Who in their right mind would want to be the first O-lineman to join a bunch of Walk-ons and converted DL’s or TE’s to block next year for a gimpy Kalil Bell? Especially, when the UCLA O-Line averaged only 0.0000067 yards per carry in the 2008 season? Even a 17-year old from the Inland Empire knows that when something smells bad around the edges, its usually rotten inside.


  • Locoweed

    What is wrong with you VB people, first a cloned Lawyer John and now a faux Locoweed? Just promise me, no Locoweed Office Plants!
    BTW, Pete Carroll just hired former Denver Broncos QB/WR Coach Jeremy Bates. I thought you’d enjoy knowing that.

  • Locoweed’s Prescribing Doctor

    It’s laughable that those idiots Skippy and Yoda couldn’t hold on to this kid. Talk about embarrassing! They lost him to OSU?! The kid would rather go to that commie enterprise than trust his college career to the Ruin coaches? Too funny!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Brian, isn’t this a recruiting violation? On ESPNU, one of the new USC commits said this : “The coolest part about the visit was going to the Coliseum. They had jerseys with our names on it and it was just a very cool experience there.” This is the website:

    Isn’t using personalized jerseys a recruiting violation? It’s listed on the NCAA website and its called “”

  • Anonymous

    Lawyer boy, OSU didn’t beat Oklahoma St. Oregon did, and I certainly don’t think OSU has a better football PROGRAM than UCLA does. They might have had more recent success but they aren’t better.

  • pikachu808

    Disappointing for UCLA, but a good get for Coach Cav and OSU. Best of luck to Michael.

    Kahlil Bell graduates so the RB job is up for grabs.

  • Stan Hasiak

    I was ready to commit to UCLA, but when I went into CRN’s office, his secretary said he was out buying Lottery Tickets.

  • VB

    I WAS NOT! I was golfing with Governor Blagojevich!

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey believes that VB has just been busted.

    The Donkey thinks that VB should probably make sure what name he is logged in as before he posts any comments on Inside ucla.

    The Donkey can only hope that ucla model the team across town. As USC is able to get any recruit it wants.

  • Rick Neuheisel

    Actually, I was hiding inside Governor Blagojevich’s hair.

  • The UCLA mini helmet fka VB’s Office Plant

    What is it going to be like when Branden Warner decommits to go to Tenn?


    Let me just say in a few short words, that I have read a lot of documentation on the Internets that Coach Neuheisal always had trouble recruting lineman, or did not make it a priority. Such documentation concludes that this failure at rectruiting O-Lineman, coupled with felony convictions for NCAA violations, resulted in the destruction of the Football Programmes at Colorado State University and the University of Washington.

    To wit, I believe there was a recent article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer that provided detailed documentation on all of the above, including the fact that one year Coach Neuheisal brought in 10 receivers and a Goose Egg for O-Line at Washington.

    That said, it is very telling that this year’s recruiting class contains no marquee O-Linemen. A Goose Egg brought home once-again.


  • Couch Potato-e

    VB got caught by the equus asinus

  • Anonymous

    Lawyer John,

    Please tell us what sort of lawyer you are so that we don’t ever use you. Either that or just carry good malpractice insurance.

    So please explain what you consider a few short words. The use of “Internets” in a sentence. How documentation, which is inanimate, is able to make conclusions. Which NCAA violation again is a felony conviction and when did this happen? Is “Football Programmes” like “ESPN Desportes”? Who is coach “Neuheisal” and when did he work with the Rams of Colorado State.

    Are you sure you really want to represent anyone? You might want to think twice and change your name to Malpractice John

    Thanks for playing your oxymoronic friend,

    Dumb Bruin

  • HomeBru

    today started with a serious case of the mondays, then after hearing about yet another o line de-commit i almost got back in my car and drove home so i could spend the day in bed. Then fake lawyer john saved the day. it’s not so much what he says that cracks me up, it’s his ability to get the other bloggers to react with their long winded, hate-filled responses. i love it.

  • The Screw

    Hi folks, the Screw in MP’s wrist here. I was wondering is it too late for us to change our mind and go elsewhere. We are not sure there will be anyone to line up with. On the other hand (no pun intended), our recieving skills should increase dramatically because we will be going against 9 DB’s during practice.

  • Locoweed

    You should consider finding employment outside of real estate. I hear McDonald’s is interviewing.

  • ArtV

    I told you Rick N would never be able to land a top OL. Rick N destroyed the CO and Wash programs because he couldn’t bring in any bigtime OL. Both of those teams could run until Rick got there. He left both schools with women on that OL.

    Now, Rick missed on the bigtime OL that everybody thought he had last year and is missing on everybody this year.

    Put a fork in Rick N. The dude is a joke. If you can’t recruit OL then don’t coach. What is the point?

    Congrats Rick. You keep proving what I’ve been posting for a year.


    I do wish that the stars would align this year for the UCLA Football Programme so that they can recruit at least 1 OL.

    As a sidebar, for any of you astrology buffs (oh, quit rolling your eyes people, astrology has been around for THOUSANDS of years, so get over it), in Eastern astrology, Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961, the Year of the Ox. On January 26, 2009, the Chinese New Year will begin. We will be going into the Year of the (Metal) Ox.

    In western astrology, Barack Obama was born under the sign of Leo. On January 26, 2009, the first of several eclipses for the year (six in all) will occur in the family of Aquarius/Leo (these have been occuring since 2007 and will end later this year). The eclipse on January 26 will be a solar eclipse at 6 degrees of Aquarius, with the second being a lunar eclipse occuring on February 9 at 21 degrees of Leo. Also, on January 5, 2009, Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) moved into Aquarius (for about a year), which is Leo’s opposite sign. Sometimes, what happens to one sign (good or bad) happens to its opposite sign.

    With so much star power working in his favor, I wish Obama well. The rest is up to him . . .


  • VB

    VB does not work in real estate.

  • solomonbruin

    I,m enjoying all the comedy. Having been recruited while in high school and listening to students being recruited while a high school administrator one factor you are all missing is”show me the money.”

  • VB’s Jr. College Transcript

    Apparently VB does not do much work in the classroom either.

  • The UCLA mini helmet fka VB’s Office Plant

    solomonbruin re Show Me The Money:

    Unfortunately none of these players are of the show me the money caliber. With Phillips getting admitted by Stanford the academic excuse doesn’t work either. When are you guys going to realize that the UCLA Admin just doesn’t care about UCLA Football. The word is out among recruits, expect more decommits from the early guys as they see the class self destructing.



    “I told you Rick N would never be able to land a top OL. Rick N destroyed the CO and Wash programs because he couldn’t bring in any bigtime OL. Both of those teams could run until Rick got there. He left both schools with women on that OL.”

    Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I concur with your post and mirror your sentiments. I have also tried to enlighten this board with fully-documented information about the principle of Destructive Recruting employed by UCLA this year and the year past. That principle holds that if you recruit every position except for Offensive and Defensive Lines, you will result in all sizzle and no steak.

    My experience with the principle of Destructive Recruiting (from a knowledgeable spectator standpoint, of course) has been that such recruiting tactics, when coupled with an apathetic fan base and apathetic Univeristy Administration, generally causes problems, much like a burr under the saddle of a horse.


  • Aussie Bruin

    My most esteemed and learned friend and colleague, Sir Lawyer John, esq.:

    Please be advised that Coach Rick did NOT bring the football program of Colorado State University into malodorous disrepute and irreparable ruination, as you claim. It was the wonderful and healthy program at the University of Colorado at Boulder that he left in tatters when he skulked out one dark and rainy night, catching the midnight train to Seattle.

    Whilst there, in charge of the once mighty University of Washington Huskies, my client proceeded to hone his skills at dismembering solid football programs and quickly turning them into hapless gridiron fodder. His achievements on this issue have been duly noted by all and sundry. And might we say, “A job well done.”

    Which brings us to the present and with it, the uneasy situation involving his recruiting top quality big beef for the OL and DL. Or it may be more appropriate to say, the inability to recruit stated much needed road graders. Leave the man alone!!! He knows what he’s doing!! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my client has only been at the helm of this pathetic program for a mere 12 months. It took him much longer than that to realize his dreams at Boulder and Seattle. We must be patient! Allow him to work his magic. It will come to fruition. And on that, I rest my case.

    Holy shyte! Lawyer John is getting into my brain!!! Forget what I just wrote. It wasn’t me!!! It must be him! It must be somebody!!!! Help!

  • Anonymous

    So if there’s no typekey symbol next to his name the LAWYER JOHN poster is a fake, right?

  • The Twinkie Defense

    My most esteemed and learned friend and colleague, Sir Aussie Bruin, esq.:
    You bring to mind the melliferous words of the most illustrious Sir Joker of Gotham, to wit:
    “Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.”

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey knows that LAWYER JOHN is a real lawyer, for he has represented The Donkey in numerous legal cases.

    The Donkey only speaks in truth, a la OnlyTheTruth, and knows that his good friend Mark Sanchez also was represented by LAWYER JOHN in a case that involved stealing passports to Mexico with another good friend of The Donkey’s, Michael Vick.

    The Donkey would like to invite any doubters to an unbiased discussion on this esteemed blog Inside ucla with Brian Dohn.

  • samohopar

    it hurts, it hurts soo much ;(

  • Rick Neuheisel

    Don’t worry folks, we are working on a stellar recruiting class of offensive lineman for 2010. You have my word on it. There’s a new sheriff in town. The Football Monopoly in Los Angeles is over. Buy your season tickets today, and with every season seat purchased, you will receive 10 free California Lottery Tickets. Just call the UCLA ticket office tomorrow morning and ask for the Scratch-Off Plan.

  • Garden Tool

    VB doesn’t work in real estate, he works with me on Coach Neuheisel’s estate.

  • VB

    VB doesn’t work in real estate. Nobody in California works in real estate these days.

  • VB

    Dohn, people are being VB imposters. Can you require people to register if they are gonna post? Thanks.

  • northbaybruin

    Stan Hasiak and Michael Phillip are doing what they feel is in their best interests. Can’t fault them for that. I can respect a decision to go to Cal or OSU. At least they made decisions for reasons other than they want to be with a program that has had the most wins.
    Both appear to be upcoming programs.

    Who wants to see all of the highest rated players go to the same school and watch them clobber everyone else ? Maybe some of the interloper idiots on this blog that like win/loss columnes more than they like to watch good football games.

    When it was demonstrated that the Bruins had the most loyal and artuculate fan base, as evidenced by this blog, the interlopers came in with obnoxious comments to try to destroy it. Bored with your own programs ? Or do you just feel threatened. You should feel stupid.

  • Cbruin

    Just like with a sports drafts you usually draft by need so based on this our staff $ucked big time by not addressing the OL and DL. Sad but true.


    Let me just say in a few short words, for the record, I am the true Lawyer John on this blog. There is no fake Lawyer John. I have spent countless hours (and have reduced my billable hours correspondingly in my practise) on this blog in order to create a good name and respected reputation here on the Internets only to have it soiled by others in a feeble attempt to achieve fame and dubious notoriety. The Litigator inside me commends those efforts, but still, I must defend myself, my honour, and most importantly, my nobility.

    For the record, second appendage, I understand that there is another poster, Only the Truce, or something similar, that posts on Wolf’s blog, but that is his choice. Under the Laws promulgated by the Declaration of Independence, we all have freedom of speech in this country, and that is a freedom everyone must exercise with the utmost responsibility.

    That said, if a person refuses to make a choice, they still have made a choice. So I tip my hat to Sirs Phillip and Hasiak for making their choices known to the football public. Cheers!


  • Aussie Bruin

    oooooooooooooooooooo…that wascally wabbit makes me so mad!!!!!

  • Captain Obvious

    So any LAWYER JOHN post that begins with “let me say in a few short words” or where he calls someone “Sir” are by the fake LJ

    I like him more.

  • Fake VB

    Would you like fries with that?

  • Bruin Thom

    I think the supercilious comments on this thread have become somewhat ‘thread-bare.’ Enough of this mindless drivel. I’m looking for real content. Real news. Real fab guys and gals that I can truly swing with. Or as the ‘Scent of OJ’s Glove’ once said to me, “Care to try me on, sailor?” And let this be the last word on this matter!!

  • Locoweed

    LAWYER JOHN said:
    Let me just say in a few short words, for the record, I am the true Lawyer John on this blog. There is no fake Lawyer John.

    True, he is the Lawyer John on this blog. The original LAWYER JOHN has a Typekey account and stays on Wolf’s blog for the most part. However, for sheer entertainment value, your very own, verbose, cosmic riffing, fake-true Lawyer John is on another level. Cheers!

  • amm

    every five posts is either by LAWYER JOHN or VB’S posse

  • ArtV

    Lawyer John knows what he’s talking about.

    Why would a big time RB want to play at Ucla and run behind some JC losers, a few TE’s and a few failed DL? I sure as sheeet wouldn’t even if Ucla was my dream school.

    I also don’t understand why we are offering kids from Hawaii that can’t play the game or are too small to make a difference.

  • Anonymous

    That’s because VB doesn’t have a job and is obviously skipping his JC classes. Looks like actually attending UCLA will remain a pipe dream. Bummer!!

  • cv

    Wow, there is rummors that Kennard is switching to Utah

  • Free Lendale

    “Wow, there is rummors that Kennard is switching to Utah”

    Perfect example of why Bruin football is 2nd tier right there. You guys don’t even know your own recruits. Keenen Graham, not Kennard, is switching to Utah. Kennard is deciding between SC and Texas.

    Also, the boxes at each end of the field are called endzones. You get 6 points for getting into them.

    Hope that clears some things up for you.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahaha… or wait, VB’s “posse”

    I read that completely differently.

  • WTH

    I was counting on this kid to come but what can you do? I certainly don’t blame him. Unless you are implying he has no shot at the next level, then OSU is playing better ball than either Stanford or us. He probably has a better chance to grow there with kids on the o-line that have been in their program for a while.

  • Joe

    i told u dorrell haters
    kd waz da much bettr recruiter than crn
    dw iz also gone and we r dead
    it suks

  • Orst

    go beavs!!!! We needed a commit like this since levitre is going pro

  • Hindsight

    Remember how badly Mike Riley wanted to get the UCLA Job?

  • Cbruin

    Just like with a sports drafts you usually draft by need so based on this our staff $ucked big time by not addressing the OL and DL. Sad but true.