Howland tidbits

UCLA coach Ben Howland held his weekly press conference and there were the highlights:

–UCLA had two FTs last 25 minutes of the loss to Arizona State, and he said the Bruins didn’t get the ball into the post enough and there was too much dribbling outside of the zone. “We missed Alfred too many times,” Howland said.
— “I didn’t use the bench enough,” Howland said.
— “We didn’t have a sense of urgency” sometimes when UCLA had the lead late, he added.
— The Bruins will charter to Pullman, Wash., Wednesday to cut down on the usual 11 hours it takes to get from Westwood to Washington State.
— Howland said Wazzu was still playing very good man-to-man defense, and remained a very patient team offensively.

  • Larry

    Still having a hard time getting over that last BAD loss. Talk about a game we should have won. Don’t see us any higher than a 4 seed in the tourney this year. We have no good, marque wins this year to-date. Not saying we won’t do well in the tourney, but think a 4 seed is the best we can hope for (and quite fair in my opinion).

  • VB

    Where are all the “fire Howland” morons? Afterall, it’s his fault we only went to Final Four the last 3 years. How dare he only win the conference 3 of his last 5 seasons? How dare he recruit good players who leave after a year of college?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Geez, guys, it is only 1 loss. While I hate to lose at Pauley, the season is far from doomed. let these young players gel together. I sure we’ll make a run in the Big Dance. Maybe not the F4, but who knows. Right now, just let the boys play some ball and work toward goal #1 — the Pac 10 title. I still believe we are the team to beat in the P10.

    I have a little different take on Saturday’s game. I was sitting on the floor level near the ASU bench. At half-time, UCLA had only 5 team fouls and ASU was in the double bonus. Harden had picked up his 3rd fould. Herb Sendick had a brief word with one of his assistants who then proceeded to chastise one of the refs at the end of the half. In the second half, it was the reverse. ASU was plowing over UCLA and no calls. UCLA would breathe on ASU and the whistle blew. Harden didn’t get his 4th foul until about the 2 min remaining mark.

    Couple that with poor zone attack in the last 12 minutes of the game and voila! you get snapped at home. But CBH will use the loss to look within for answers. He will pick apart his coaching like he dissects game film. He will also challenge the players to stay within the game plan in attacking zones.

    All will be well!

  • Anonymous

    the pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-show-clot-violation offense will prevail!

  • Anonymous

    howland’s offense is lame. its time to take this to the next level. people like VB are too short sighted to see that a next level even exists. (i still wanna check out his tailgate one day lol)

  • Bob

    Ben needs to watch a few of Mack Brown Video’s on how to stomp on an opponent’s neck when their down. He’s had the same m.o. over and over and over again when it comes to milking a lead for a loss and refusing to use a zone D when his team is out matched (final fours). It’s a failed policy and I hope he’s willing to change his thinking and become more aggressive. Let’s go down swinging.

  • Karl Dorrell

    play not to lose isn’t a bad strategy. you have the lead, you protect it, you win the game… easy as 1, 2, 3. fairly simple.