Familiar trio

I’m told quarterback Ben Olson, defensive tackle Brigham Harwell and running back Kahlil Bell, all who were seniors last season, are working out in Thousands Oaks at the same complex in preparation for workouts for NFL clubs.

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  • Not VB but an incredible re-creation

    Best Wishes to Ben, a real class act who couldn’t catch a break during his time here and yet never complained about all the turnover, etc.

  • Anonymous

    i read about the sports complex in the paper, suppose to be really good.

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck to all three of them. Ben Olson is definitely a class act, and Brigham Harwell is just an amazing human being based on what he has been through in his life. Kahlil Bell showed everybody how tough and dedicated he is playing hurt for a struggling team this year because we needed him.

  • Realist

    Ben Olson is wasting his time, unless he wants to try out for Clipboard Holder. He’s great at that. He could also make a roster as Mr. I’m Always Hurt. Let’s think this through, people: If the guy is too fragile for college, then he’s too fragile for the NFL. If he’s too slow-footed for college, then he’s too slow-footed for the NFL. Olson may be the greatest human being in the world, but as a football player he’s an embarrassment. He is the epitome of bust. Trust me, if this guy did even half of what he was supposed to, then Karl Dorrell would still have a job.

  • LA Homer


    If Karl Dorrel had done half of what he was supposed to, Ben Olson would be a heisman winning QB getting ready to be a top 15 NFL Draft Pick. I don’t think any of the big QB’s in college football (tebow, stafford, harrell) could be as good as they are if they had to deal with a different OC every year.

  • Anonymous

    You could at least wish him well, or does that physically hurt you in some way?

    None of the other posters made a claim that he would make a team, just that he was a class act and that they wished them well, as do I.

  • EXbruins

    unneccesary remarks, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out he has a one in a billion shot of making it in the NFL, realist your a tool, dorrell does have a job

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey believes Ben Olson will be a late round gem for a team that might find him useful in future years.

    The Donkey finds the above remarks about Mr. Olson childish and foolish and the only realist on this blog is The Donkey himself.

    Lastly, The Donkey will predict Mr. Olson will have a better pro career than USC counterpart Mark Sanchez.


    Let me just say in a few short years that I agree that Sir Ben Olson is a CLASS ACT. In all his years on the sideline, I never once read on the Internents about him complaining about or badmouthing the bad coaching staff, or complaining about all his injuries.

    There is no shame in chasing your dream, be it the NFL, The California Stat Bar, or the neighborhood bar. Good luck to you Sir Olson.

    Sir Harmwell is another solid football player who gave his heart and all to the University in support of the FB team. Too bad that he was saddled with the heavy weight of Coach Dorrell all those years, but he is a better man know for enduring such pain.

    Sir Bell, well, I know he had a few lockerroom fights, but was able to turn his behavior around. Just wish he wasn’t so gimpy injured all those years.

    Good luck to all Bruins chasing the elusive NFL dream. Cheers!


  • Realist

    I think it’s time to start holding individuals accountable. Ben Olson let a lot of people down, including himself. He was recruited at the expense of other good quarterbacks. Isn’t it true that Longshore went to Cal because UCLA had Olson coming in? Who else thinks UCLA would have been a lot better these past few years with Longshore at QB?

    And in the spirit of holding individuals accountable, UCLA’s previous strength and conditioning coach(es) should never, ever work again in similar capacities. I’ve been a close follower of the team since I was a freshman 10 years ago (and yes I’ve graduated so hold the comments!). Every year it’s the same: UCLA’s football roster decimated by injuries. Things like breaks, sprains, and tears are strength and conditioning issues. There can only be so much “bad luck.”

    And Coach Rick’s honeymoon is soon drawing to a close. He needs to take the individuals he’s got and make them better players during this offseason. And he needs to find a way to shore up the offensive line.

    Let’s not forget that we’re talking about UCLA here…not a Division 3 school with no scholarships. Isn’t our motto “champions made here?” We do it in every sport except football…the most popular, influential, and important college sport known to mankind. UCLA shouldn’t be settling for second best and the people on the frontlines need to start making things happen.

  • High Pitch Eric

    Pat Cowan > Nate Longshore.


    I am officially a fan of Sir Don Key.

    LAWYER JOHN believes that Sir Don Key would have made an excellent litigator or Honorable Judge in the Superior Court. Maybe he already is an esteemed colleague.


  • The Don Key

    The Donkey is much appreciative of LAWYER JOHN’S remarks, who is both a gentleman and a scholar. The Donkey is more than pleased to have bloggers like LAYER JOHN to discuss bruin issues on Inside ucla with Brian Dohn.

    Though The Donkey is nor a Judge or Lawyer, he is honored to have been mentioned in the same sentences as those before mentioned people. They are truly the reason why this country is so great, and why USC is still a powerhouse in football.

    With all regards,
    The Donkey

  • Futbol AKA Soccer

    psst Mr. Football…
    I am much more popular worldwide.

  • Aussie Bruin

    Even though Ben is slow and somewhat prone to injury, he just may fit the NFL paradigm of a gifted QB. With a pocket to protect him, and with WRs running the routes they’re supposed to, I can see Ben connecting on smokin’ missiles all over the field. Don’t give up on him yet, people. He’s got an arm and he’s got a football brain. And he is a person of superlative character.

    Go Ben.

  • Coach

    I agree with Aussie Bruin in the sense we should wait to see what he can do when he has an OL that can block in front if him…

  • Realist

    Olson won’t even get so much as a tryout with NFL teams. Pro player evaluators, upon seeing his name, will either laugh (at best) or ask, “Who’s he?”

  • The Twinkie Defense

    LAWYER JOHN, the DON KEY loves you and is honored to have a big present for you

  • Zack

    Oh Ben… what are you thinking? Best of luck, but be careful putting on your cleats for try-outs. Don’t want you to break your toe or throw out your arm in doing so.

    Don’t think this is one dream that will come true, but good for you to chase that dream. Never give up.

  • Anonymous

    would be a great story if somehow BO made it to the PROS and made an impact.

    The odds are very much against him, but good luck. As a former college athlete, who had injuries derail my career, I can relate with the difference between “bust” and “injury prone.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m new to this blog and, admittedly, not as well-versed as to what’s going on with the UCLA recruiting situation as other contributors. But is RN looking to recruit a new freshman or transfer quarterback for the 2009 season?
    God knows we need a solid QB.
    Go UCLA!