Answers, Part XI

Here is the 11th set:

Which word best describes the ASU game:
A) debacle
B) meltdown
C) implosion
D) fiasco
E) choke
Oh, multiple choice, just like the SATs. I’m going with B) Meltdown.

I think in some cases fans are too hard on players. But on the other hand, it’s Division 1 basketball/football, scholarships are worth a lot of money, and are given to player X because he’s better than player Y. Where should we draw the line with criticism and expectations?
I draw the line at on-field criticism, but I will not belittle a player or give him grief because he doesn’t belong at a certain level. If a player isn’t capable of performing at UCLA’s level, it is the coaches fault for offering his a scholarship, not the kid’s fault for accepting it.

Does the greyshirting of Tonga reflect that the coaching staff is concerned about getting within the 85 scholarship limit?
No, it just means they may want to get a player or two in at his position ahead of him, and that he needs some time to mature physically.

How are we looking for Josh Smith in ’10
I keep hearing UCLA is the leader for him.

Has CBH talked about the need to drive to the basket?
Constantly. He always tells his guards and wings to do that, when possible.

I expected Milton Knox to get some playing time in football this past season? Through some inquiring I heard that he got someone else to take his SAT’s after not passing the first time? What is the validity to this accusation?
That is a heckuva accusation, and I find it irresponsible to suggest it without backing it up. There were questions about his eligibility because of the test score, but he re-took it and got the necessary grade. Since UCLA knew about the questions of his eligibility, they held him out until he re-took the test. By the time the results were received, the season was underway and UCLA didn’t want to burn his season for half the games.

Do we have a shot at landing a commit from Markus Wheaton from Arizona ?
I think so, but not as good as I thought two weeks ago.

Iuta Tepa (DE) LB Poly , will he land up at UCLA ?
Got me. I know UCLA likes him and he is expected to visit next weekend.

Do you see, or have you heard of, any fallout with usc commits as a result of Pete Carroll’s behavior at Mark Sanchez’s press conference? Do you see any leaning more toward UCLA now as a result?
I have heard nothing about it. It was an ugly situation for Carroll, but I don’t think it will have a long-lasting impact on recruiting.

Best-dressed man in sports that you’ve covered?
Alan Mills, former relief pitcher for the Dodgers.


    Another example of Bruin Disease-Unhealthy Obsession with USC. As long as Pete Carroll can get players to the NFL, it does NOT matter to recruits what happens at a press conference or who sits with who.

    As an aside, let me just say in a few short words, that Coach Pete Carroll would never have behaved that way towards a WHITE or BLACK quarterback with that much disrespect. Yes, I am saying that Mark Sanchez was treated differently because he was the 1st Latino/Mexican American/Chicano QB at USC.



  • VB

    Did anyone else notice Alfred Aboya being tenative during the game last night? Whenever he got the ball down low, he would avoid dunking it or pass the ball out. He needs to be a MONSTER down there!

  • Anonymous

    yea VB, and he hestiates too much. enough of the fake alfred, nobody falls for it. just catch the ball and dunk on any fools face that is in your way!

    you can do it!

  • anon007

    ESPN’s Greg Biggins is reporting from the ESPN College Football Recruiting page that Wheaton has committed to Oregon State and that Byron Moore has de-committed SC…

  • GmanC

    Surely you jest Lawyer Juan.

  • OJ TROjan

    Hah hah, Paralegal John talks about Bruin obsession with SUC when he spends half his day every day on a Bruin blog reading and commenting on Bruin sports. how delicious the irony!

  • BruinFaithful

    WOW. That second comment sounds like a direct defense from Dohn Corleone, of the recent and very mean spirited criticism that has been spewed on this Blog about J’mison Morgan. Bravo Dohnster. Bravo!

  • BruinFaithful

    Scout is saying the same thing 007. Bring BYRON BACK!!!!