Answers, part XIX

Here is the 19th set of answers:

Any chance that Gordon takes over starting for Aboya? Aboya is not as good a defensive rebounder as he should be, and Gordon has dominated the glass when he’s played. This team needs improvement on the defensive glass if they want to make a deep run.
No chance. Aboya does too many other thing well that Gordon would have trouble with. Plus, if Gordon played 20 minutes a night, I think he would get exposed because of his lack of experience, and he would be in foul trouble. Gordon gets lost too much defensively as well.

I know it’s still early, but can you appraise Dragovic’s, Roll’s and Aboya’s chances of making an NBA roster once they graduate?
I give Dragovic the best shot, but it is not a good shot. At his size, he needs to be stronger and quicker to play in the NBA. I don’t think any of them are NBA players.

Does the athletic dept. or the school have any programs in place to keep out-of-state FB and BB players from getting homesick? Are they treated with special attention in terms of trying to make their transition to college more smooth?
I don’t know of any particular program, but the coaching staffs are sympathetic and aware that can happen. They try to make things as easy as possible.

Most of our offensive staff was in place before chow was hired. Does chow want his own staff or is happy with the one in place? Do you think he’d prefer to had picked his staff?
I think Chow is pleased with his current staff. He may have had a guy he wanted, but I don’t get the idea that is how Chow operates. He does his thing and it doesn’t matter if it is a guy he previously worked for or not.

Any word if Logan Paulsen or any other fb players were able to receive a medical redshirt so they can play next year.
I think it is still a bit early for that decision, but I don’t see Paulsen or Kyle Bosworth being an issue.

Do you think that you might have ever cost UCLA a recruit by reporting about a “silent commit?”
I have not to this point.

Do you know what kind of influence if any that Terry Donahue has around the athletic department or football program?
I know his opinions are solicited, especially since Karl Dorrell and Rick Neuheisel both played for Donahue. When UCLA was looking for a new coach, I was told athletic director Dan Guerrero spoke with Donahue about candidates. But I don’t think he has a deep, deep influence on the program.

You reported that UCLA has contacted Brian Stewart about the DC position but do you feel he is getting serious consideration?
I don’t get the sense he is a big-time candidate for the spot.

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