Howland tidbits

UCLA coach Ben Howland met with the media today, and among the things he talked about was the technical foul Alfred Aboya received for taunting Washington’s Venoy Overton.
Howland said “he deserved a T. He was taunting the kid,” but added it was an emotional game, and Aboya was the target of physical play.
He would not comment on whether Washington’s Jon Brockman elbow, which resulted in Aboya needing three stitches to the forehead, was intentional.
“It was a vicious play,” Howland said. “You can use your own judgment.”
**Howland also said Drew Gordon was late on defensive assignments, and he would like to get more minutes for guard Malcolm Lee, but wasn’t sure where those minutes could come from him.
** Howland said UCLA is “too dependent on the outside” on offense, and the need exists to get to the foul line more.

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  • Anonymous

    So, in other words, he didn’t say anything we all didn’t know from watching the team, eh?

  • Anonymous

    I missed the game. What exactly happened with the technical?

    Was it deserved/justified?

  • BruinGirl

    Overton went down under the basket on a no call following his drive that the Bruins rebounded and were up 53-50. Aboya leaned over him for 5 seconds and said something and the T was called. Wash then hit 2 FTs to cut the lead to 1, though the Bruins got the ball. To me it was a quick whistle but could have gone either way. It seemed to energize the Huskies and off they went to the win. Given the FT differential of 43 by UW and 15 by UCLA, the game was another example of how bad the P10 refs are, esp. in light of how physical thug Brockman et al play.

    So it goes.

  • Art_V

    I hope Aboya knocks somebody out the next time Brokman the loser or somebody else does something stupid. I recall Aboya getting hit last year and he did nothing back as well.

    Hey Aboya, kill one of those scum bags.

  • SeattleBrewin

    brockman was playing like a thug
    but he was smart to do it, becuase the refs let him

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for the answer (I was the anonymous that asked)

  • miltk

    Well, we’re not getting to the line from DC or Jrue,,,,they’re hanging out around the perimeter, as do Roll, Drag. I don’t want Keefe at the line. If AA2 gets to the line a lot that means we’re getting him the ball wayyy too damned much. That leaves Shipp.

    I don’t know,,,things are easier said than done.