Island recruiting

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel and new defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough were in Hawaii Monday recruiting. I’m told they were there to see a number of players, including Punahou (Honolulu) High linebacker Manti Te’o.

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  • cv

    Te’o must be coming for sure

  • alxandr

    It’s time to BLITZ!! ok that was lame..

  • Bill Jomes from RSM

    If we can pull Manti, I will take a break from bashing CRN.

  • The Real Househusband of OC

    Dear Trojans:

    Please post with wit and style. This is not the Green Board. Dohn works hard and deserves better.

  • Tina Jomes (Hometown withheld)


    That reminds me of when you said if you just got a car for your 16th birthday you would never skip doing homework again. I think that lasted about three days.

  • bruin22

    Any other names of guys they were visiting?

  • Bailey

    I’m not a recruiting expert besides reading that Te’o would be a great pick up for UCLA. I’d LOVE for him to sign with UCLA so that the toejams can come up with excuses of how “they don’t need him anyhow” or how “he doesn’t like to compete” or anything else that protects them from realizing CRN is now challenging Cheatey Petey in the recruiting world! Go Bruins!

  • Free Lendale

    Keep dreaming, Bailey.

  • mike chat

    Te’o and maybe Hasiak? That would be a huge get. Maybe Manti is the Ace in the hole?


    mike chat: Winner winner chicken dinner

  • The Ghost of VB’s Cat


    Who was the “Mind Blowing” DC candidate? Where is that darn Subaru (couldn’t resist)

  • Anonymous

    Te’o’s secret commit to USC isn’t much of a secret anymore.

  • cliq

    Brian, how more often does this year’s staff go to Hawaii compared to KD’s staff?

    Seems like it’s good to be a coach now-a-days…

  • tapptout

    That would be huge, if true but most suc fans aren’t reliable so….

  • Free Lendale


    Were you laughing when you wrote this? They were screwin’ with you.


  • osezno

    Te’o is visiting USC this week… and his host player is Rey Maualuga?!

  • Thomas Soteros-McNamara

    I think the issue with USC is that Te’o wants to take his mission and Carroll is trying to talk him out of it. His other on campus visit to BYU apparently was a disaster.

    This could be a serious coup for UCLA.

  • ucla34

    Why would Bullough be in Hawaii unless………wait! Ha,ha,sorry a@@ SC is out of it! Great job by Neuheisel in getting Teo it’s over!