Lake on recruiting

New UCLA cornerbacks coach Carnell Lake has no coaching experience, but he will be counted on heavily to recruit Los Angeles.
“From what I can gather, and from what (coach) Rick (Neuheisel) told me, L.A., will be a big part of my territory,” Lake said. “Growing up in L.A., I won’t have a big learning curve to learn the area.
“First thing I’m going to do is get on the phone and start developing relationships with the high schools and the coaching staff at these various high schools, just to let them know that I’m on the staff, that I’m here and that my phone line is always available to them.
“I don’t have to sell (UCLA) because I lived it and I know that the student-athletes that are looking to make an early impact on a budding football program, UCLA is the place for them and it is an inspiring environment. There is no question about it.
“When I was there, I would just take a jog around Westwood or Bel-Air or sit in the Powell Library and dream big, and UCLA has all the resources of support to make those dreams a reality.”

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    While I have begrudgingly approved of the hiring of Coach Cornell Lake, there can simply be no comparison between Westwood and Downtown L.A. Yes, there are more restaurants per capita in Westwood, but you cannot compare the atmosphere of TRUE L.A. that you find around the Figueroa Corridor all the way to Downtown L.A.

    One can also make the case that a student-athlete would go to school not for the mansions around it, but for the education and the almost-sure chance to make it to the NFL.

    So, a big thank you to Coach Cornell Lake, but I think the important 5* recruits have already voted with their feet for the last few years and their choice has been clear. I applaud Coach Lake’s efforts though and wish him much luck in his endeavours.


  • Thymoid

    Sounds pretty convincing, sign me up! Oh wait, I am already signed up… Sign me up for another 4 years!


    Let me also add in a few short words, that taking a jog around the Figueroa Corridor is a great experience for young students. It helps build character and you get exposed to all levels of society. I highly recommend it one day.


  • CCHS Alum

    Represent that Centaur Pride!!!

  • 5 Star Recruit


    Sign me up Coach

  • charlie sanderson

    GO BRUINS!!USuC is getting nervous,when they start checking in on our blogging spots you know they are getting nervous!!!!

  • Larry

    Very sad. We hire someone with NO coaching experience in an extremely important role when we are trying to get our program back on the national stage. Yeah… that makes sense!

  • mike chat

    LAWYER JOHN said:
    While I have begrudgingly approved of the hiring of Coach Cornell Lake
    but for the education and the almost-sure chance to make it to the NFL.

    Lawyer John, We did not hire Cornell Lake.

    Almost a sure chance? The vast majoirty of Suc football players do not make it to the NFL.

  • Your killing Me Larry

    Carnell lake is a 5 time pro bowler!!! He is a bruin, from LA, and was an all-american!!!!!! It is not like he is running the defense, he is coaching up our secondary, a position he played at the highest of competition. Wouldn’t you rather take him over little Rocky Seto over there at SUC who never played a down in college or pro? That dude is Pete’s poodle. Lake is a GREAT HIRE!!! No coaching experience… are you kidding me? He has something better, he has been there, done that.

  • tapptout

    Kids go to college to get where Carnell Lake ended up….so talk about a great recruiting tool…..

    SUC fans can’t even attempt to poke fun of this, because they did something awfully similar if memory serves me correct…..KN jr.?

  • Locoweed

    Will Coach Lake be issued a White Towel to waive on the sidelines?

  • Sunset Bruin

    I like this hire. Carnell Lake provides UCLA with the “street credibility” that E. Scott once gave to the program. He has accomplished what these young men are seeking to achieve.

    Coaching will be a challenge, but it all starts with recruiting. I praise CRN for this bold hire!

  • Lake will be great for recruiting. He should be able to get some of the local kids away from that circus across town!

  • jdc

    I think Carnell Lake is a very good hire. Recruiting has a lot to do with reputation and excitement. Both of which he can definitely bring to the table. He will be able to go into any kids home and compete toe to toe with anyone else, including other Ex UCLA football players recruiting LA. This is just another piece that puts UCLA closer to $UC on the recruiting front.

    As far as coaching goes, no one has any idea if he can coach (this is why CRN talked to Terry Donahue). He obviously has been able to play in the NFL for a long time but that does mean he can coach. That is why there is more than one coach and a defensive coordinator and a head coach who help with the decision making. If he is that bad (I can not imagine he would be worse than Norton Jr), he can be hidden behind a good defensive coordinator and head coach.

    Is there an over/under on when Coach Lake will be promoted to executive assistant head coach or defensive coordinator of the secondary or assistant defensive coordinator. I wonder if Norton Jr. introduces himself with his new title.

  • Anonymous

    I predict that he won’t wave a white towel on the sidelines. More importantly, however, he won’t tape up his fingers before games like Kenny.

  • VBs Cat

    sounds like a good hire

    next up


  • The Ghost of VB’s Cat

    Why do so many of us seem to think that being an all pro player makes you an all pro coach? It seems as if a staff comprised of entirely former bruins with experience in the league would be the ultimate. I just don’t get it. The jury is still out on CRN but its not like we shouldn’t learn from the CKD experiment.

  • Locoweed

    Next up for hire is Tyler Ebell as Running Backs Coach!



  • Rico Bruin

    WOW some of you people are killin” me.
    Mr. Carnell Lake is an incredible addition to our program. His accomplishments are what every recruit dreams of. I guarantee he will be an outstanding coach!!
    He has excelled at everything he has ever done. He is what seaparates us from low class sucsters across town, HE IS TOTAL CLASS!!!