Meeting Su’a-Filo

My understanding is UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow is going to visit with Timpview High of Provo, Utah, offensive lineman Xavier Su’a-Filo today.

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  • Colt

    With Manti Te’o as a semi-secret commit to USC, I don’t people care where Norm Chow goes.

  • VB’s ice cream cart


  • Pistalian

    I remember when Norm Chow was hired reading that he a) wasn’t a good recruiter or b) didn’t like to recruit when he was at usc. Love the fact that he’s out there recruiting some big time players are crucial positions. On name recognition/national respect alone, he is probably our biggest asset and hopefully he knows how to close.

  • Paul

    @ Colt…

    huh? “I don’t people care…”

    Please explain what you were tying to say

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Paul is channeling Yoda?

  • Anonymous

    Never give up! Never surrender!

  • tide83

    Interesting. It could be meant that either UCLA is close but starting to lose him or that XSF is close and Norm feels like he can seal the deal.

    Brian, any idea which one (if any)?

  • tapptout

    I bet they are just trying to get last words in before LOI day