Final: UCLA 81, Cal 66

The Bruins had a fine defensive performance (allowing Cal to make just 38.1 percent of its field goals in the first half), and Darren Collison had 18 points to lead the Bruins to a much-needed victory. Four of the five starters, with the exception of Nikola Dragovic, scored in double figures. UCLA (16-4, 6-2) had lost two of three Pac-10 games before Thursday. J’mison Morgan even got to play the final 1:49 in this one.

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Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • BruinNV

    If Drag could remember to keep his eye on the ball and not get lost on offense (he did several times on defense as well), he might have had more points.

  • PeterDalis

    This blog used to be full of Cal fans stating their superiority? Where are they now?


  • Bruins095

    Exactly, “Rollllllllll over you bears.” “You tell the whole damn world this is bruin territory.” Always feels good to beat Montgomery.

  • CalGirl

    OK, I’ll take the bait. We had a bad night, you’ve had some bad nights too recently so don’t get all puffy! Don’t forget you Teddies have to pay us a little visit. We shall see how that goes for ya.

  • PeterDalis

    Ah…CalGirl comes out of hiding – quite brave of her considering her team got their rear ends handed to them tonight.

    While I will agree that every team has rough nights, the truth of the matter is that Cal had a rough night against UCLA, not the other way around. And yes, we will see how the return trip to Berkeley is.

    One thing is for sure, Montgomery’s Stanford teams used to give Lavin’s UCLA teams serious trouble. That being said, Cal isn’t the team Stanford used to be, and we are now Howland’s Bruins. Montgomery will have Cal back in a couple of years and then things will really get interesting.

    I’m just glad that Montgomery isn’t coaching at usc. As long as Timmeh Floyd is at usc they won’t be a serious challenge.


  • Burbank Bruin

    CalGirl, a bad night? You guys just lost 3 out of your last 4 games.. one of those losses were to your superior rival Stanford and the other was to OSU.

    Here’s a reminder of what happened the last time we paid you a visit.

  • BruinFaithful

    Where are all the Howland detractors now? That’s what I thought. Amazing how just two bad losses could erase 3 years of dominance under Howland. Not to mention 15 years of proven Division 1 Head Coaching results reviving or establishing programs at places like Northern Arizona and Pitt. This guy is a coaching stud and he will learn from his mistakes. People don’t realize that Howland coaches to the strengths of his players and adjusts to the competition. You say that he runs an anemic offense? Well, Howland’s teams at Northern Arizona shot the lights out. They had amongst the highest scoring teams in the nation and the highest 3 point shooting percentages. He realized he didn’t have a deep bench, or big and athletic players, but he had shooters. I hate whiney fair weather bandwagon fans. Therefore, next time you decide to be a Howland detractor, please read in awe his unquestionable and jaw dropping Bio before you speak ignorantly.

    BTW, he also said at the begining of the season that he felt it would take 4 losses to win the Pac-10, but many of you decided to turn a deaf ear. He has a very very young and undeveloped team. He deserves the benefit of the doubt, from you detractors. He’s earned it. Wait until these kids bodies mature and they get in the gym in the offseason. It will be scary. I’ve said it time and time again. This is by far Howland’s most athletic team. When they grow into their bodies and their minds mature, they are going to be a SCARY LOAD. This core of Freshman WILL win an NCAA Championship for us at some point in their careers. Mark my words. Remember, Ben recruits TRUE Freshman, not 20 or 21 year old Freshman like SUC and their biggest jump has been from their Freshman to Sophomore years.

  • BruinFaithful


    Looks like it’s been a bad week for your big mouth and hairy Bears. UCLA just spanked your BB team and it looks like old Stan Hasiak has decommited from Cal. Too funny. Scout has him listed as High on both UCLA and Cal. Hasiak’s High School coach also said it’s down to UCLA and Cal for his commitment. Should be another interesting finish for UCLA this year. GO BRUINS!!!!

  • cschow

    Brian, not sure if I should post the Q here or at your other post.. but

    Do you think the student section yelling RIGHT before CAL players shot a free throw affected their shot?

  • awesomebruin

    BruinFaithful: i hope ur right about the team. but still, could u please stop grinding howlands coffee beans like that? its gross. (lol j/k)

    dont u guys know that calgirl is not a girl? just a confused cal product.

    of course i luv the win. i dont know if im just turning grumpy or something, but i still dont like how we look. i think the major factor of the game is that cal SUCKS. i was expecting more from that team but wow they blow chunks and have zero inside presence.

    i still wish the offense would run some plays early in the clock, like i dunno some double screens, pick ‘n rolls, backdoor cuts, some high-low action with alfred or bobo or something, anything. we’re just relying on DC and jrue to drive and create, either take it or dish, which it still better than doing nothing and getting a shot clock violation, so its improving, i just wish there was more. i wish howland would watch a laker game and draw up some cool plays ya know? the kids got skillz, compliment their offensive talents by teaching them some good sophisticated plays to run. thats all the “detractors” want, and howland felt he could ignore the offense and just think about D, so we gotta light a fire under his butt to keep improving the O, and hopefully its working. im hopeful.

    go bruins!

  • Burbank Bruin

    awesomebruin, the real gender of a lot of Cal girls is questionable. Guys too for that matter!

  • bruins_united

    what was up with drew gorgon’s lane violation!! one of the more hilarious moments of the night. he definitely made it up by throwing the ball off a cal player tho.. way to go drew!!

    jrue holiday looked exactly like who we thought he’d be.

    sloppy sloppy sloppy.

    DC was off. missed several layups and turned the ball over way too many times (5).

  • VB



  • Joshua


    The people leading the student section in creating last second noise had a good idea, but executed it poorly. Multiple times I saw the students start to make noise as the player was releasing the ball, which was not effective at all. If they get the timing right I bet it could really be bothersome.

  • CalGirl

    Well, well, there you Teddies go again, retreating to your usual misogynism, homophobia and generalized Neanderthalism. And while we’re at it, is there anything you Teddies haven’t “borrowed” from us? I mean, besides that little 8 clap? “You tell the whole damn world this is bruin territory.”??? Puhleeez!!!!!

  • BruinBurd

    I agree BruinFaithful, people need to back off Howland! When we were under Lavin…we consistently underperformed. Duke lost, Wake lost, Pitt lost, UNC lost, everyone loses. Last night these kids really stepped up on defense…this is how WE win games!

  • PeterDalis


    I can think of something we didn’t borrow from you – how to win. 103 titles and counting.

    If you’re upset about how were referring to Cal fans then I’m sure we can loan you a tree to protest in.


  • so west Coast


  • Bruins095

    CalGirl is quite the moron. “This is bruin territory” is not a bruin cheer. You fail to see the mocking. Why in the world would bruins use such ridiculous cheers. “you know it, you tell a story, you tell the whole damn world the bears will never win another title.”

    Pete Newell quit and the rest is history. Domination by little baby brother continues.

  • CalGirl

    I see a child mocking me. Is that the best you could come up with? Now the world knows that Cal rejected you. I think you’re not even a teddy, maybe you’re a toejam.

  • BruinFaithful


    Ummmmm. You wish Howland would watch a Laker game once? I’m sure he watches plenty and doesn’t like what he sees. An extremely talented and athletic team that consistently doesn’t show up against lesser talent and has long defensive lapses. Is that what you want? Are you kidding me? The Lakers lose to the Pro equivalent of Oregon State and Oregon. Did you see the Charlotte game? Freaken atrocious. What would you guys say if a Howland team did that one day? We would never hear the end of it on here.

  • Bruins095

    oooooooh, poor little Calgirl. Is that the best I could come up with? You are the obtuse one who couldn’t see the mocking. Shows the level of intelligence of some bears, if you even went to Cal. What are you trying to prove, and what do you expect? Coming on to bruin boards to badmouth UCLA. It’s pathetic how you must keep posting your baseless arguements on here.

    I am a bruin and did get into Cal. I decided to go to UCLA as did many others I know. I grew up watching pathetic Cal teams try to compete with better programs. The ignorant elitists always had to fall back on thebetter academics arguement. It was so much fun walking home through the toilet called Berkeley listening to the old bears talk about the good ol days with Pappy and Pete.