Junior visitor

UCLA will host several junior football prospects on campus tonight, and part of the expected group is El Cajon Valhall’s Peter Thomas, one of the top-ranked quarterbacks in the 2010 class.

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  • BruinChick

    Let’s hope we actually win tonight.

  • BruinJigs

    Brian, what do the coaches do. Have them in their office, talk to them, take them to the basketball game, and everyone goes home? Is that how it usually works?

  • BruinChick

    At USC, the players host the recruits for private parties in their apts and have a bunch of less than reputable coeds over. I’ve seen it with my own eyes (though I was not one of the less than reputable chicks).


    You forgot that the USC recruits are picked up in a limosouine, I mean Lincoln Town Car and then put up in the Downtown LA Marriott. To a prized recruit, that is highly impressive and will help seal the deal.

    UCLA recuirts will take a jog around the Bel-Air Mansions.

    UW recruits get taken to the Hair Salon and Coffee Shop along with an LA Times reporter.


  • BruinJigs

    Lawyer John, I was just wondering to which LA school do you affiliate yourself as a fan. I often noticed that you post at Wolf’s blog defending USC and post on Dohn’s blog defending and shedding positive light on LA.

    Are you just an unbiased observer?

  • Jewin

    Brian, did you eat your Wheaties today? You’re on fire with the posts. Thanks.

  • G-Unot

    This is the LAWYER JOHN situation, as best I can describe:

    The original LAWYER JOHN is a biased USC fan. He was banned on this board under that name, I believe, and now posts as ONLYTHETRUTH.

    This new LAWYER JOHN, if I might say in a few short words, does a wonderful caricature of the pompous, self-righteous original. ONLYTHETRUTH pretends to be objective in his spare time on this board, but on Scott Wolf Blog makes some pretty inane comments in regards to both school.

    Not accusatory, just trying to straighten things out

  • samohopar

    stupid thing won’t let me register

  • osezno


    LJ is the Steven Corlbert of College Football.

  • osezno

    …make that Colbert.

  • El Cajon Bruin

    Let’s hear it for El Cajon!

  • uscfd

    Bruin Chick

    I’m glad you added that you saw this first hand or I wouldn’t have believed you. Just one question:

    What were you doing in a USC football player’s apartment if that type of activity was going on?

  • BruinChick

    My best friend was a tutor for the team, and dated one of the players who hosted the party. Needless to say, we didn’t stay long.

    I am still kinda traumatized by some of what I saw while I was there (and I am not the type to be traumatized).