Answers, Part 11

Here is set XI:

To me, Collison doesn’t seem as dominant as he could or should be this year. Any thoughts on why?
Because he is the only player willing to take shots at certain points in the game, so teams are gearing their defenses to stop him. He is being double teamed at times. Every other year he had someone else to help offensively, but this year that person is yet to materialize.

Dragovic: Do you think Howland regrets not red-shirting him that freshman year? Also, is it certain that Dragovich comes back next year if he continues to play well and make outside shots?
I don’t think Howland regrets not red-shirting him because I don’t think Dragovic is that type of player. And nothing is a given in college hoops and what kids decide. He may decide making six figures in Europe is better than returning for a fourth year of college. He says the education is very important to him, so we shall see.

Is playing for Norm Chow a true selling point to offensive lineman recruits? I thought he was more of a quarterbacks guru.
I haven’t heard many recruits talk about that. I think it is more a quarterbacks and skill position thing for recruits.

You often get specific questions about a player. Often they want to know your opinion of how good they are. When I see that I often think author is the parents of the player, or the girl friend, or maybe even the player himself. What do you think?
No, I don’t think that is the case. I don’t think the people you mention give a darn what my opinion is about a player. I think they are fans who want to know if I am seeing the same thing they are seeing.

What BBQ joint can we find you at on Friday night before the Tennessee/UCLA football game? Can we buy you a beer? (Not sure if they will have Newcastle though).
Not sure. Since it is still seven months away, I have some time to settle on a place.

Is it safe to say that we will have a good chance at beating Tennessee in Knoxville due to their change of regime and already weak team?
I think the change in regime will be better for Tennessee. I thought Tennessee had some decent talent last season, but the coaching was horrific. I think that will be a tough game for the Bruins.

Since this blog is the hub for die-hard Bruin fans, could you conduct some polls geared toward game-day experience and forward the results to the school? We need you to be our ambassador!
I think it would be better for folks to email the athletic department, and the game day management people. I think that is the best way to handle it.

Why did UCLA apparently pass on WR Reggie Dunn? He appears to have signed with OSU.
Coming out of high school grades were the issue, and Dunn was not qualified. I don’t think UCLA could have gotten him now, either.

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  • VB

    I see you dodged my UNLV question. You used to have fun humoring people with ridiculous questions like that. What has happened to you Dohn?! You are Dohn the Grouch now!

    We want the happy Dohn back!!!!