Answers, Part I

Morning, folks. Having people register to comment cut down on the questions and, in my opinion, brought a better quality of questions. and there won’t be as many sets of answsers.
However, I’m still thinking there will be approximately 15 sets of answers, so let’s get started with set No. 1:

Went to Hawaii
I tried the spam musabi
Dohn, are you quite mad?
Hope it was delish
No way for me to be mad
I make it at home

“It is not [Keefe’s] fault UCLA politicked hard to get him on the McDonald’s team.” – whoa, please tell us more about this specifically (for one thing: why?) and the selection process generally.
UCLA’s coaching staff, at the time, had a close relationship with the folks that selected the McDonald’s team. Keefe had very good numbers as a senior, and I believe the game was being played in San Diego, so UCLA’s staff continued to pump of their signed player to the powers that be.

We’ve been a guard-oriented team for a while now, even when Love was here. But starting next year it seems like we’ll have a relative glut of big men. Do you think we’ll be more post-oriented?
UCLA will be more post-oriented next year than it is this year, but I don’t see UCLA ever being a post-oriented team in general. First of all, coach Ben Howland is doing a fantastic job of recruiting perimeter players. Second, UCLA had the best low-post player in college last year and still didn’t utilize it as much as I thought it should have. And since I don’t think Howland is going to change his style, I see UCLA remaining a perimeter team.

Do you think we suck at finishing fast breaks?
Perhaps it is because UCLA doesn’t get enough of them, or practice them enough. I think UCLA could be better at it, but I wouldn’t say the Bruins are awful. They have some talented finishers.

DC has struggled mightily in his shooting the last 3 games going 13-42. No coincidence UCLA is just 1-2 in those games. Is the poor shooting mostly on him (bad shot selection, clock winding down, fatigue)? Or have teams figured out how to defend DC?
It is both. Collison is getting fatigued, forcing a few things and he is put in tough situations late in possessions. Plus, and I wrote about this in Thursday’s paper, teams are defending him more. Stopping him has become the opponents’ priority.

Is the silent commit expected to go public this weekend?
I don’t expect anything when it comes to recruiting, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Brian do you think Joel Gray switches to UCLA? Thank you.
No, I do not. I think if he was going to switch, more would have come out about it by now. I’ve left him a few messages, but I have been unable to get in touch with him.

Have you heard anything about Scott returning as a coach?
I hear that Sarkisian is considering him to help recruiting.
I know Eric Scott wants to get back into the college game, but he may have to wait a little while longer. If he wound up going to Washington, I don’t think that would be good for UCLA.

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  • BruinJigs

    Did Brian strategically use the word ‘pump’ in his answer to the McD’s question? If so, I get the reference.

  • uscfd

    Re: Eric Scott

    He was arrested for a caught-in-the-act burglary less than two years ago, and it was subsequently revealed that he had 3 prior felony convictions. He should have been cut loose immediately but was allowed to stay on staff until the next recruiting class was signed because he was such an integral part of it. That said volumes about the ethics and priorities of the AD and school President.

    Any school that takes this guy because he is “a good recruiter” can’t even pretend to take the high ground. Watch: the spin will be that he deserves a “second chance” (how about 5th chance?) It really means “we’re not even pretending to be a school anymore. We just want to win. Just like the NFL, we’ll take anybody – criminals, drug addicts, illiterates. Just win”.

  • PeterDalis

    I didn’t even catch that reference BruinJigs but that was an interesting pick up if you’re right.

    For those of you who are curious:


  • SeattleBrewin

    After last nights game you can see that the bruins finish pretty well. Collison and Shipp are no brainers. Jrue is coming into his own. And apparently Roll sticks out his tongue on the way to the rim, ala Jordan 🙂

  • Brian Dohn


    I think you are misrepresenting things a little bit. Eric Scott was arrested 18 months ago, but charges were never filed.
    I’ve gotten to know Eric, and I do not apologize for his past criminal record, but I also know he helps out a lot of disadvantaged kids.
    I don’t think he is the same person now as the person who was arrested a few times earlier in his life. And, so we are clear, I believe he had two prior misdemeanor pleas.


    Dohn Corleone, thank you for clearing up the Eric Scott matter with class and dignity. That was very honorable of you.

    It is clear as a sunny Santa Barbara day that some posters come on here just to stir up the pot.


  • Anonymous

    What is clear about uscfd is that he is trying to convince himself that all programs do the same unethical, sometimes illegal things that are done at suc, which is definitely untrue. SUC has done this for many years and Bush is not the only ‘exception’ there.

  • Burbank Bruin

    Hey uscfd,

    A Trojan giving a lecture about ethics is like OJ Simpson giving a seminar on how to be a good ex-husband. You want to talk about win at all costs, go to the link below…

  • ucibruin

    Sucfd is merely throwing up a preemptive strike in case we hire ES in the future. May count himself among the SUC fans who find it important to assert their alleged innocence about the unethical situation with Reggie Bush, and who do so completely unprovoked. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Now, PB, if we could just stop all “spewing” on this blog . . . .

  • Old School

    The Bottom Line is – it’s OK to be a cheater (Rick Neuheisel) or felon (Eric Scott) as long as they work for UCLA. If Scott started working for U-Dub, no doubt the Bruin posters would call him a Benedict Arnold, and question why he is allowed to work in college coaching again after the travesty and embarrassment at UCLA. Typical two-faced Bruins!

  • uscfd

    Actually, I do have my facts straight. What did I say that was incorrect?

    Eric Scott WAS arrested for a caught-in-the-act burglary. The neighbor called the cops while watching them break in. When the police arrived, people were in the apt. and possessions from the apt were now on the lawn outside. Those are FACTS.

    It is also a FACT that charges were not filed because the occupant of the apt could not be found for several days if not a couple weeks and then declined to press charges. It doesn’t mean it never happened.

    Ask yourself: why was a football coach from ucla breaking into an apt in Norwalk that is situated on a busy street (Pioneer Blvd)? He and the others involved obviously knew the occupant. They didn’t just randomly pick out a place 50 miles from campus. The occupant didn’t press charges because he didn’t want things made public.

    It’s one thing to be a fan but it’s another to deny reality. Let me save you the time: OJ was found not guilty in his criminal trial. He actually had a trial. Does anyone think he didn’t commit two murders? Just be honest, no spin.

  • PeterDalis

    Hey sucfd…did you ever take Burbank Bruin’s suggestion to read the following?

  • uscfd

    Yes, I did look at it.

    Two responses:
    First, “Bruin Nation” is hardly an objective source. Plus it includes several incidents that are not violations by anyone’s standards i.e. Lendale White’s participation in a Halloween prank or shaving Sanchez’s head.

    Second, this is a very predictable ucla response. Neither Dohn nor I mentioned USC in our original posts. The Eric Scott situation has nothing to do with USC. This is a stand-alone issue. If my screen name was “bruin boy” we wouldn’t be having this exchange. You guys have to stop constantly making everything a comparison with SC. Look at the content, not the screen name.

  • Snakeoiler


    Your facts are in fact incorrect. Work on the reading comprehension. You said that Scott had 3 prior felony convictions. This is incorrect. Per Dohn, he had 2 prior misdemeanors. Thus, he has zero felony convictions.

    It is ridiculous for anyone from USC to criticize UCLA for having a lack of “ethics and priorities” amongst the AD and president. Care to inform us on how USC has “taken the high road” with regard Bush, Mayo, Sanchez, etc etc ? It is typical for a USC homer to be quick to criticize UCLA, and then cry foul when the same magnifying glass is placed on the trojan program.

    BTW, how is the USC coach convicted of running a brutal dog fighting ring getting along ?

    Those who live in glass houses…

  • ucibruin

    Sucfd, you wrote that ‘it was subsequently revealed that he had 3 prior felony convictions’. Dohn wrote ‘so we are clear, I believe he had two prior misdemeanor pleas’. That’s what you said that was incorrect. The major distinction is between misdemeanor and felony, in case you didn’t catch that. Tryin’ my best to inform the Trojan fans, whose education, from suc or otherwise, might be inadequate.

  • Dex


    Are you aware that if Scott had 3 prior felony convictions, he wouldn’t have been able to be on the coaching staff as he would have been serving a largely extended, possibly even a life sentence in the state of California?

    Then again, I’m not surprised that a Trojan isn’t aware of what the law entails.


    I am not in the habit of giving free Legal Advice, so I will not add my two cents here regarding the legal distinctions between a felony and a misdemeanor. Let me just say in a few short words though, that a felony is much, much worse than a misdemeanor. Misdemeanors are a dime a dozen and a person can pick one up very easily. That is when a person would need a good Legal Eagle to help in the legal defense against such charges. Many jokes are made about lawyers until you finally need one. Same with policemen and expensive plumbers.


  • sigbruin

    so may we assume that that is the midset of usc since, by your definition of the arrest without charges, that your starting qb in ’08 was a known criminal rapist?

  • CrouchingBruin

    Regarding the Norwalk burglary, on July 26, 2007, an article in the Daily News (written by Brian) stated:

    Sources said DeAlba’s cousin lives at the house, and when the group stopped by to pay a visit, DeAlba walked around the property in search of him. Sources added Scott remained in the car until police arrived, and was arrested only when he exited the car in an attempt to learn what was happening with DeAlba, 23, and Williams, 23.

    So there was a question as to whether or not Eric Scott was even in the residence as the alleged burglary was taking place.

    And despite the fact that an unknown caller dialed 911 to report that three men were seen forcing their way into the home, an article in the LA Times on August 10, 2007 states:

    Police records noted that Scott and the others denied burglarizing the home. Authorities at the scene also noted there were “no signs [of] forced entry.”

    So a lot of question marks as to whether or not a burglary had actually taken place. Maybe the 911 caller mistook the guys walking around the property for burglars and called police.

  • bbruin

    what is the point of having people sign in for if you are not going to toss out guys like USCFD (and we know what the FD must stand for)???

    Toss him out.