Answers, Part II

Here is the second set of ansers:

Dohn, your the man. What are your “entirely too early to ask this question” impressions of Carnell Lake?
He has an impressive resume and is a polished speaker. Since he’s never coached or recruited, that’s about all I can offer.

How many silent commits does UCLA have?
One that I know about.

Between the time Walker left the program and Lake was hired, did Rick hire an interim coach to bring the staff up to 10 to help recruit? If so, who was that coach?
You have good information, but I will leave it at that.

Brian have you heard of a “secret” player who is going to grey shirt for UCLA?

Last year at the Signing Day party for donor at Morgan Center, Rick introduced the entire staff, including graduate assistants. Since Signing Day is only five days away, can you tell us who this year’s graduate assistants will be?
I am working on that. I know two possibilities, but I need to make sure they are accurate before I report them.

Hasiak told you “the plan” was for him to sign with Cal. He did not make a definitive statement that he was going to sign with Cal. Is there reason to believe he might still sign with UCLA?
I don’t think he is going to sign with UCLA, but who the heck knows in this thing. This has been a crazy recruiting season, so until a signed letter of intent is received, I won’t be shocked by anything.

Will we be able to hear more of you on local sports-talk radio in 2009? Is your exposure in other media a product of your desires, the desires of the Daily News, or just the general interest level in UCLA athletics?
It is the general interest level in UCLA. I don’t call radio stations looking to go, and my paper does not do that either. The stations call me.

Any word on the Spring game being at the RB again this year? How come the Fall scrimmage wasn’t/isn’t at the RB as well?
I don’t know about the spring game, but I will check. As for the fall scrimmage, it is because it is too much of a hassle to get over there, it could conflict with other events at the Rose Bowl, and there is no reason to chew up the turf a week before the season begins.

Do you know who the silent commits are at USC? Wolf says they have 3. Anyone we’re after?
I do not know.

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  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I will tell you right now, I am NOT the secret commit. Let’s put that to rest once and for all!

  • VB

    “I’m not Markinson… You’re not Markinson… That’s two down.” ~Daniel Caffey

  • John Henry

    I am hoping that Joel Gray (OL) Texas Tech commit is our last silent verbal.

  • PeterDalis

    The mysterious 10th coach! Does the person who posted the question have any more information they’d like to divulge as a comment?