Answers, part V

Here is the fifth set:

Does the coaching staff feel they have very good shot at Manti Teo now that BYU is out of the picture?
I can’t comment on a specific recruit, and what the coaching staff believes the chances are of landing said player. However, the wide belief in recruiting circles is Te’o is heading to USC.

Regarding Bullough, and given that Neuheisel is primarily an “offensive guy,” what’s the risk in hiring a guy who hasn’t been a defensive coordinator before?
It’s the same risk as hiring someone who has never done something before. There will be a learning curve, but Neuheisel believed Bullough was the right fit from the beginning. Also, Bullough is from a football family, and it is something he has been around for a long time.

How come you don’t write more opinion type posts? For example, if we ask you in Q&A, “How do you think Bullough will turn out as a DC?” you’ll give us a nice 2-3 sentence response. But why not post more thorough opinions on this or other topics?
I try to keep opinions out of the blog, accept for the Q&A. Many people come here for news and information, and I don’t want to cloud it with opinion. When it is posted on the blog, it is something I have fact-checked and would write in the newspaper. I try to keep my opinions to the Q&A session, and the occasional post when someone ticks me off.

What is more fun for you: Bruin Shuffle or Chevy Malibu race?
The ending of both.

Can you give us a hint about the mystery recruit in the trenches? Is he an east coast guy? Has he visited?
I can’t do that because the second I do, folks will be googling and looking all over the place in trying to put the pieces together.

According to Scott Wolf, Stan Hasiak is considering a visit to USC.
Is he considered a “soft” verbal commit to Cal, considering he’s still traveling or just enjoying the recruiting process?
Hasiak told me earlier this week he wasn’t visiting USC, but that doesn’t mean he won’t visit. I think Hasiak will be considered a soft commit to any school until he signs and sends a binding letter of intent.

Do you know which way Xavier Su’a-Filo and Manti Te’o are leaning right now? Do you know when they will make their decisions?
I do not know which way they are leaning, but I keep hearing Te’o is leaning toward USC and Su’a-Filo is leading toward Utah. I believe both are announcing their decisions Wednesday.

Have all of the commited high school recruits been approved by the academic people?
All but one. And, no, I am not sharing who that one is.

Is 2010 expected to be a better year for DT recruits, and is UCLA trying to get several of them next year? It’s a huge area of need, especially if Price leaves early. It seems like if UCLA does not get some DT’s next year, it will be a problem.
I’m told it will be a better year along the offensive and defensive lines, but defensive tackle is the toughest spot to fill on the field. There just aren’t many really good ones, which is why defensive ends are often grown into defensive tackles.

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  • VB’s Office Plant

    Reading the Tea Leaves (As a plant this is quite easy)

    The “Mind Blowing” DC Candidate was a ruse so that nobody would wonder why a new Coach wasn’t hired immediately. The lack of a new Coach allowed Rick to secretly hire an interim coach. The interim coach is connected to Hawaii and was the “ace in the hole” mentioned in the Hasiek recruitment. The remaining silent is Te’o and that is why Brian responds that the “wide belief” is that he will go to SC.

    Us plants are good with conspiracy theories.

  • PeterDalis

    VB’s Office Plant:

    That us such an awesome assembly of reading between the lines! Its so awesome in fact, that if it ends up being true, Dohn Corleone should congratulate you.