Answers, Part VI

Here is the sixth set:

Will it be more difficult for Hasiak to come back to UCLA now that he’s basically said that UCLA’s program and recruits are inferior to Cal?
I don’t think so. I think the difficulty is he, and his dad, like Cal better.

Will Jeff Miller remain at TE or return to the defense?
Not sure, but I was told last season he would stay at tight end.

Ben Howland’s candor in defeat — does it make you feel less confident in his coaching abilities, or do you admire him for taking responsibility? Also, do you think he is saying too much?
He is candid in discussing losses, but I think many of his answers are designed to take the pressure off the kids and put it on his shoulders. There aren’t too many secrets in coaching these days, so the candor isn’t something that other coaches can use to their advantage. In watching UCLA’s offense, it doesn’t take a coaching genius to know the Bruins need to get the ball inside more.

is coach Moore aware that Randall Carroll wants to get to know him better? His comments make him appear as though he would sign with UCLA if we showed him some more love
I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I think Carroll just wanted to hear more from UCLA, and this was his best way of showing it. I know UCLA has met with him since the comments came out, and there is a very good chance he winds up at UCLA.

Does Howland put more emphasis on the offense this season compared to his prior years at ucla? given the talent, it appears the defense is not as good this year.
I don’t think there is more emphasis on offense. If anything, it is probably on the defense because UCLA has so much youth and inexperience playing key roles. Howland’s defensive principles are demanding, and the players need to practice them to be able to perform them on the court.

with all of these db recruits, who do you/ the staff see lining up at cb vs those who end up lining up at ss/fs? seems like several players (dye, sermons, mascarenas, etc.,) have been mentioned at both/
Some of the players will be tried at both spots, and used according to talent and need. To be honest, what is said now about where a defensive back lines up doesn’t mean much because that can change a week into training camp. It will come down to needs.

How did the team take to Gordon’s UDub post-game comments that the team lacked “heart”? Did CBH give him any grief?
I don’t think he was given any grief. Many of the players said Gordon was simply frustrated about the loss, and not playing as much as he wants to, and also about getting pushed around by Jon Brockman. Some of the players didn’t even know about the comments.

Has this been the craziest recruiting year you have seen since you began reporting on the Bruins?
Indeed, and there is not a close second. As a matter of fact, I’m working on a story for next week about that very topic. When I talked to Rick Neuheisel about it Thursday, he said recruiting is “nuts.”

How is Howland’s relationship with his former players? Does Howland keep in touch with them after their UCLA careers? Who would you say has kept in touch the most?
I know he keeps in touch with most of them, and they stop by the basketball offices during the offseason. But I don’t know who he keeps in contact with the most.

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