Answers, Part VII

Here is the seventh set of answers:

UCLA has fallen to 52nd in adjusted defensive efficiency after being a top-three unit each of the last three years. Obviously losing Westbrook, Mbah a Moute, and Love plays a huge role in that, but who do you perceive to be a suspect defender that’s compounded the drop?
You’re talking about three NBA players, and two of them were incredible defenders in college. UCLA just isn’t as talented defensively as it was in year’s past, and part of that comes from not having shot-blocker inside. Mbah a Moute was great at double-teaming the post, now UCLA doesn’t have that caliber player. Westbrook was a shutdown defender, and UCLA doesn’t have that caliber of player. Defense is a team effort, so blame everyone.

How much do you think UCLA’s Athletic Dept. Hall of Fame helps in recruiting football players? What is Michael Sondheimer’s role in recruiting football players?
I don’t think he plays much of a role. I think he is more involved with basketball recruiting.

why dont they just offer rice a scholly? i mean what if he blossoms like the clay mathews (NFL family) kid at sc?
And what if he doesn’t blossom? Then you have a wasted scholarship, which counts against the 85 NCAA maximum, and other players within the program are looking around say, ‘Why is this kid on scholarship?’

Was this recently the first time that RN met with Teo face to face?
I don’t know if the two bumped into each other on Punahou’s campus during the offseason, but a coach is only allowed one in-home visit per recruit.

Do you consider Shipp a “Senior leader”? He has nice skills, but from afar, he seems too-cool-for-school most of the time and not the kind to inspire the younger guys, like DC might.
I consider him a senior leader because he has been through a lot, and he played in a lot of big games. I don’t get the sense he is someone to take a freshman under his wing, but leadership comes in many ways.

What advice would you give to Sharrif Floyd, the Pennsylvania defensive lineman just offered by both UCLA and Rutgers?
I would tell him not to listen to any alums from a school, and to keep communication strong with his family, so he can make the best decision for him, and not for a football program.

As an East Coast born writer, what are your impressions of the USC-UCLA rivalry? Is it the best in the nation, and if not, which one is?
As an East Coast-born writer, the best rivalry in the nation is Army-Navy. It has mutual respect, but it is existent in every fiber of their lives. I’ve stayed on the campus of the Naval Academy, and got to talk to some of the students there, and there is no mistaking the importance of that rivalry.
The UCLA-USC one is good, but I am not experiencing it at a good time. UCLA doesn’t measure up to USC in football, so I don’t think I am getting the full affect of it.

How many more commits (regular scholie) do you think we get before this is all said and done?
Got me. Anywhere from zero to six.

At spring practice, what methods will be used to evaluate the play of the quarterbacks? What is the breakdown between measurables and intangibles. Do they keep stats on completions in drills, scrimmages, etc. Is there a way to measure arm strength and accuracy, or hitting the receiver in the hands?
It is all done with a trained eye. There isn’t a JUGS gun to check the velocity, and they don’t put a tire up and have the quarterback throw the football through it. Stats are kept on everything, and the practices are filmed from different angles and the coaches go back and watch practice.

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    Let me just say in a few short words that I am a bit let down in Dohn’s answer regarding the USC-UCLA rivalry. It is an open secret that there is much, much history between these two Universities, not just what has happened in the last 7 years in football.

    Using Football as an example, last decade was owned by the Bruins and the 8-year win streak is a record. Prior to that, many games were often decided in the final minute, or because of a phantom touchdown or phantom penalty flag. There were some very exciting games and when the two teams play, all W-L records are thrown out the window. Just look at 13-9.


  • Seriously

    As far as football goes, does anyone actually think USC-UCLA holds a candle to USC-Notre Dame?

  • awesomebruin

    uuhh im gonna have to agree with the weird trojan lawyer guy. brian, there are other aspects of a rivalry that east coast people dont understand. its like them thinking a good fan is a guy that does nothing else in his life except eat, drink, live, think about their team. thats not a “good fan,” around these parts thats called a “loser” (prounounced loo-hoo-hooooooo-zeeerrrrr). you can see this sort of demented east coast perspective in ur response: “it is existent in every fiber of their lives.”

    there are 3 bruins and 3 trojans in my extended family, 1 trojan being my brother. i also had a best friend that went to u$c (and almost got mugged visiting him at that burger king across the street). so theres a dynamic in this rivalry that is special. and its mostly a “healthy rivalry,” not like those violent floridians. this is one aspect of the rivalry, and there are many others obviously, but an east coast person just wont get it. u have to be a bruin or a trojan or at least from these parts to get it. u arent, so u dont.

    but we still luv u dohnmaster. =)

  • OCJohn

    The USC fans I know take the UCLA game over Notre Dame hands down. They all have a LOT of UCLA friends and only a handful of Notre Dame. Facing lots of friends daily always carries a lot more weight. Other than when both teams are highly rated, the USC-Notre Dame game is not that big a deal to most except the media.