Answers, part VIII

These were questions emailed to me. Here is the eight set of answers:

Do you think Chow has enjoyed being the OC of UCLA and do you see him renewing after his 3rd year?
I don’t think I would say he enjoyed last season because it was very frustrating for himself, the players and everyone associated with the program. I do think he likes working at UCLA, and really enjoys the fact he can drive home every night and see his family. Such was not the case when he worked at USC and in the NFL.

What is the overall salary of the entire UCLA football coaching staff compared to the entire USC football coaching staff salary? I would just like to know, comparatively, how $$ paid correlates to winning and recruiting.
I don’t know the exact salary of UCLA’s staff because the salaries of the defensive coordinator position and new cornerbacks coach Carnell Lake are not yet made public. However, it will be around $3 million, including coach Rick Neuheisel’s salary.
I don’t know USC’s salary for the staff, and as a private school, USC does not have to make that information public.
However, I’ve seen reports stating coach Pete Carroll makes $2 to $3 million annually, and his staff makes markedly more. I would think USC’s staff makes about $5 million. And, yes, spending more on coaches, if done wisely, does correlate to winning.

when you went back to rutgers you mentioned eating at food trucks, what do you order? and have you eaten off local taco trucks, how do they compare?
At Rutgers, they are called the Grease Trucks. I order a taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich, since there aren’t many places in the country you can get taylor ham. I have not eaten off the local taco trucks, and it is different kind of faire.

How many new lineman will UCLA get? On both sides on the ball.
Got me. I know they have two high school offensive line commits right now, and two commits from JUCO players who are long shots to get in. UCLA also has one high school DE commit and one JUCO DT commit, although he needs to pass two classes to get in to UCLA.

I saw last week that Oregon State lost their offensive line coach, and also another coach, I believe their offensive coordinator. Have you heard anything about those two moves having any effect at all on the commitment of Michael Philipp?
I have not heard anything about Philipp re-considering. I think he was adamant about his decision to attend Oregon State, and right now I’m hearing that is where he will sign.

How has Frank Gansz jr. done as Special Teams Coach. Is he particularly well respected? Will we be any better this year on coverage?
I was a little disappointed in UCLA’s special teams this season, especially the coverage teams. I think Gansz is a good coach, and UCLA was playing a lot of inexperienced players on special teams.

Last week, you mentioned that there is animosity between the staffs at UCLA and USC. However, many members of both staffs have ties to the other school such as Norton having played at UCLA before. Does that mean these types of people have severed their loyalty to their respective schools?
It doesn’t mean the loyalty has been severed. It means there are competitive personalities on both staffs.

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  • happy4la

    High pay correlates to winning? No doubt Pete Carroll has been successful, but it’s not because he’s highly paid. This is the type of thinking that made everyone think that the CEOs at Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Countrywide, Citigroup were smart and knew what they were doing. Attracting coaches solely on money creates the wrong incentives. Pete Carroll is the glue to usc’s success not high paying assistants. And Sarkisian was overpaid as an OC and yet still left for greener pastures to Washington. Washington and Tennessee won’t be any better for paying top dollar for their staffs filled with mercenaries.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Pete Carroll didn’t get the big paycheck until AFTER he started winning. Heck, he was only the third or fourth person to be offered the HC job when he got it.

    And even with the high profiles of the Matt Leinart and Reggie Bushes, the defense he implements is why they win.

  • SBBruin

    Ahh….Taylor Ham, aka Pork Roll. My buddy from Syracuse introduced me to Pork Roll breakfast sandwiches and we used to make them when we were tailgating for early UCLA games.

    Hey Dohn, I’ve been able to find Pork Roll at upscale grocery stores or specialty grocers. Try Whole Foods or others like it…


    Spending more $$$ for players (like Bush, Jarrett, Leinart, et. al.) correlates to more winning.

    Come on Bruins Fans, Dohn is lobbing up softballs.


  • Anonymous

    Lawyer John sounds frustrated

  • sigbruin

    fact: pete carroll is the highest paid coach in the ncaa and the salaries between sc and ucla isn’t even close.

    that is a certifiable fact and i will leave it at that.

  • Peter

    Nick Saban, I’m pretty sure, is the highest paid coach in the NCAA.

  • solomonbruin

    I don’t think that UCLA’s total coaching payrool is as much as U$C’s total backfield payroll.

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