Answers, part X

Here is the tenth set of answers:

The Daily Bruin had a blurb about open tryouts for a spot(s) as a walkon on the football team. It’s supposedly on Feb. 2. Have you heard about this and do you plan to cover it?
I do not plan on covering this, especially since it will be run by graduate assistants and is two days before signing day.

Which bball team was more fun to cover? This years or last years team.
Last year’s team was more fun because dealing with Kevin Love, and the quotes he provided, were great.

Has Justin Mann gotten bigger since the end of football season and what are your impressions from the staff of him earning a scholie at DT?
I don’t know if he got bigger because I haven’t seen him, and it is way too early to discuss whether or not he will earn a scholarship.

With Stan McKay committing and an offer to Iuta Tepa, is UCLA interested in their teammate, LB George Daily-Lyles (Hawaii commit)?
I don’t believe UCLA is interested in Daily-Lyles.

With the returning talent, new recruits, walk-ons, redshirts, etc., does CRN and Chow believe this upcoming team has the ability to be more aggressive offensively? Will the offense be more balanced? Or will OL/QB play still be our achilles heal? What do you think, Dohn?
The idea is UCLA will be better and more aggressive on offense, but spring practice is more than two months away, the offseason workouts have been going on less than a month and no one even knows what JUCO offensive linemen will get into school, and which high school kids will sign. It’s impossible for me to give an informed response.

what is it about the Bank of America Arena that Howland can’t seem to win? I may be wrong, but Howland has only won once, but just by the skin of his teeth. We go in as the favorite only to lose by double digits. Your opinion please.
First of all, Washington is a very good team at home, and it is a loud building and the Huskies often get teams to play at a frenetic pace. As far as double-digits losses, I thought I saw where Washington was a one-point favorite heading into last weekend’s game.

Dohn, you’ve been to a lot of stadiums. Does anything beat a Bruin dog, soft pretzel, and Coke on game day?
Boy, the Brazilian restaurant that catered the BYU press box beats the old, soggy hotdogs, the overcooked pretzel and soda at the Rose Bowl. Maybe, dare I say, by blowout portions (like 59-0).

Do you think Howland’s recruiting style matches his desired style of play? Bruising big men would seen ideal, but his best guys so far (except Love) have been finesse perimeter players.
I don’t think he looks at it that way. He thinks anyone can play tough and physical. He asks Darren Collison to play that way.

Do you think Morgan understands (or will understand by season’s end) what he needs to do to get better in the summer and whether you think he’ll be an impactful player next year (ie, average 10-15 pts game and 5-10 rebounds per game)?
For him to average those numbers next season would make him one of the most improved players in the nation next season. My goodness, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute did not average numbers like that. I think those expectations are much too high. I know he understands what he has to do, but I don’t know if he will do it.

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  • bz

    “Maybe, dare I say, by blowout portions (like 59-0).”

    Ok, that was just low….

  • osezno

    “blowout portions (like 59-0)”


  • El Cajon Bruin

    Now Brian, that just wasn’t nice!

  • Brian Dohn

    Sorry, folks, just needed a bit of a laugh today with that 59-0 comment.

  • osezno

    It was funny.

  • too funny, brian.


    Dohn, for a real belly laugh you should have written:

    “blowout portions (like 66-19)”.

  • PeterDalis

    Dohn, the 59-0 comment was classic! I laughed out loud.

    LAWYERJOHN’s comment about 66-19 is funny too…although it doesn’t lend itself quite as well because it isn’t BYU.

    Friday Q&A’s are great.


  • Blue Bruin

    I was actually referring to the food at Pauley! My lips are salivating over the thought of a Bruin dog, soft pretzel and Coke at 12:30 pm tomorrow!

  • The Ghost of VB’s Cat

    Speaking of food I would lover to dig into some Night Owl Special!

  • Blue Bruin

    Regarding Luc, he wasn’t a guy UCLA looked for inside the way they should look inside to Morgan. 10 points is only five baskets, and a big man should be able to get there in 10 or 11 shots. And 5 rebounds isn’t unrealistic ever…so I think Morgan averaging 10 and 5 is quite reasonable.

  • brianswinney

    the BYU press box was probably catered by Rodizio Grill or Cafe Rio. They’re both pretty popular out here in ol Utah.