Answers, Part XII

Here is the 12th set:

What, if anything, are you comfortable in saying about Renardo Sidney’s (alleged) “off the court” issues?
He’s had attitude problems in the past, and some folks in his circle raise questions.
What are the total number of scholarships CRN has available (including those already committed/soft verbal/and those that have not been accepted)?
Approximately five, because it is not a hard and fast number.

So far, is Neuheisel and staff living up to your expections/predications as it relates to recruiting?
I expected more in recruiting at the line of scrimmage, but the 4-8 record has something to do with that.

Fans at Pauley have developed a reputation for their lack of enthusiasm and poor attendance. To what do you attribute these problems? Aging alumni, season ticket policies, ineffective re-sell options? What can be done to put tickets in the hands of those that will pay, show up, and cheer?
I feel like I answer this question every other week. To be honest, the only way to change it is to kick all the people sitting courtside to upstairs, and bring more students around the court. Other than the students, I get the sense most of the people at Pauley are there to watch, and watch only.

Can you give us any further specifics about your answer last week about the bona fides of Norton’s recruiting story?
Bona fides? I don’t understand.

Is Hauck coming back as a defensive coach? With Lake coming in, it would seem that Hauck is on his way out? And would that, hypothetically, open up the LB coach position for Norton?
As far as I know he is. I haven’t heard of him interviewing anywhere else. Lake is coming to be a recruiter, first, and then coach on the field. Hauck split the secondary work with DeWayne Walker last season, so nothing has changed with his status. As for Norton, not a chance. Forget his relationship with UCLA at this point, the Bruins couldn’t afford him.

So why shouldn’t UCLA switch to a 3-4 defense? UCLA seems to do a better job recruiting DEs and LBs than DTs (Price being the exception). The 3-4 scheme seems to work fine for the Steelers.
Because this isn’t the NFL, and UCLA’s personnel depth is not suited to play a 3-4.

Speaking of the Steelers, have you had a chance to talk with Bruce Davis since the Steelers made it to the Super Bowl? How about a story on his first year in the NFL?
I did not talk to him. And I don’t have time to do a story on Davis, especially since he isn’t even playing.

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  • hilliard

    How does the last questioner know the question of the next to the last questioner, or do you just make up most of these questions yourself?

  • Bruin Zealot

    A 3-4 defense scares me. You really need to have an excellent DT for it to work. I think last time we ran a 3-4 was 10 years ago and we all know what happened then. Even ‘SC with their talent has a hard time with it. I think we could run a version of it with Price, but 4-3 frees him up better than to constantly face a double team if he were the lone tackle.