Answers, Part XIII

Here is the 13th segment of answers:

Does the goal of a competitive 2010 season factor into the starting QB for 2009?
I believe so. That quarterback needs to have experience heading into the 2010 season.

Have you heard any recruits mention USC possibly going on probation?
Nope. That is something being floated to recruits by other schools.

What defines the tipping point as a program moves from mediocrity (or less) to sustainable success? For Howland it seemed to be the recruitment of Farmar and Afflalo and a tournament birth which demonstrated some “program momentum”. What will it take for Neuheisel?
I think it will take a marquee road win that most people believed had no shot at winning heading into the game. But that must also come with a bowl berth and a great performance by UCLA in a bowl win.

Recruits, like most others, read people and their relationships with those they’re around. What is YOUR perception of how well the coaches get along with each other? Without giving any names, are you aware of any friction between coaches that recruits might pick up on?
They get along fine. Everyone doesn’t need to be best friends with each other, but they need to work well together and be on the same page.

Joel Gray , (OT) from Texas, does he come to UCLA or stay committed to TTech ? What is your gut feelings ?
Got me. My gut tells me he stays with Texas Tech because if he was going to flip, I think it would have been done by now.

Why is Osaar Rashaan languishing down the depth charts as a qb? He seems like a good athlete. Why isn’t he moved to an athletic position like wide receiver and special teams. He seems like a huge waste of talent rotting on the bench.
He wants to be a quarterback, and I believe his family wants him to be a quarterback. It’s his choice. He was asked to move to safety last offseason and declined.

What are the “family things” (per your blog item) that could lead Damien Thigpen to the West Coast?
I was asked not to disclose it by the person who told me Thigpen would be visiting, so I left it alone.

Did Coach Walker take any UCLA GA’s with him to New Mexico st.?
Yes, he took his defensive assistant, Mike Rutenberg, with him.

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